Southern Tunisia “For unforgettable experience”

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Transcript Southern Tunisia “For unforgettable experience”

The other side of the Mediterranean
Tunisia is all about its Festivals!
There is always a reason for a festival in Tunisia. No matter is too tiny, no village too small for
having a reason to celebrate. Some Festivals are very local, some are nationwide, and we would
like to bring to your attention some of the major Festivals that are upcoming in Tunisia in the near
future, and also brief you on next years schedule. Festivals that bring joy to the participants, and to
the community.Touristsand visitors are always welcome, and encouraged to take part in
Every year Douz hosts the Sahara Festival, a four-day celebration of traditional desert culture. This
year, the 40th edition, the festival will be held from 26th till 29th of December, features traditional
music and dancing, poetry readings, camel wrestling, and racing of horses and salugis.
But there is always pleasure to be found throughout Tunisia, whether you like adventures, the sun,
great food or any other.
Southern Tunisia “For unforgettable experience”
Tozeur is an extremely interesting town with a huge palmary, an old town and a museum worth
visiting “Dar Cheraït”. It is also an ideal base for exploring the surrounding desert region.
The beautiful desert landscape around Tozeur has gained prominence in filmmaking and has
provided the backdrop for many scenes from Star Wars and the English Patient.
Without doubt, a stay in Tozeur makes a real Saharan adventure possible .
Golf Oasis Tozeur , a new 18 holes golf course , in the heart of the
Sahara. On the edge of desert, the imposing scenery and intense heat combine to offer an
unforgettable experience.
The Ronald Fream-designed course is surrounded by palm trees in order to blend in better with
its surroundings : it overlooks Tozeur's palm grove which is one of the most beautiful in Tunisia.
And its 25 hectares of greens are irrigated with recycled waters so as to preserve the water table.
Tunisian National Tourist Office-Stockholm :
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