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Ms. Peters is beginning her 26th year.
I have taught 3rd through 5th grade in Iowa,
Georgia, and Missouri.
I am the proud mom of two… My son is a
computer science engineer employed with
Cerner and my daughter is a freshman at
MIZZOU (go Tigers).
8:45-9:00 Morning Business
9:30-11:00 Reading/Writing (Buescher)
11:00-11:45 Science (Montgomery)
Math Daily Review (Peters)
12:01-12:26 Lunch
Math Daily Review (Peters)
12:40-1:25 Math (Peters)
1:25-2:10 Social Studies/ Grammar (Elliott)
2:15-2:40 Recess
2:45-3:35 Specials
3:35 Closure
3:40/3:45 Dismissal
3:35—Get ready for the end of the day —Pack up
and trash thrown away!!
**Car riders, walkers, and “Y” club will be
dismissed at the first bell. 3:40
**All bus riders will be dismissed at the
second bell. 3:45
**The teacher dismisses you, not the bell!
Recess time is—2:15-2:40.
*You will be outside with 2-3 teachers on
duty. One teacher will have study hall in
their classroom if you need to catch up, have
late/missing work, or need to refocus.
*Please dress appropriately for the
Star System—Each week (Friday-Thursday) you will
start out with 5 stars. Every Thursday you will need to
have your star sheet signed by a parent. Please check it
nightly…it is a great way to communicate. *If it is not
signed or you did not have 3 stars left—study hall!
Planner-Your child should fill it out daily and mark
whether they have their assignment(s) completed. If it
is completed, they should check off the box!!
*Standards based grading—1,2,3,4
Mrs. Buescher and Mrs. Chiddix teach
communication arts. They teach reader’s workshop
model through mini-lessons and then they will read
in the classroom each day. They will use Acuity,
STAR, Read Naturally, and classroom assessments
to assess your child’s individual reading progress.
This will help them set their individual goals.
*AR points—an individual goal will be set per quarter.
You can log in at home to view their scores/points!!
*Scholastic Book Orders- Due 4th Thursday of the
month to Mrs. Buescher. Please send checks made
payable to Scholastic (NO CASH!). Online code: GM88C
Writer’s Workshop will be held daily in
combination with reading. It is a daily
writing process.
**Writer’s and Reader’s Binder-this will house
each step of the writer's workshop process. Once
a quarter, students will be able to share with
you what they have composed.
Mr. Elliott teaches Social Studies. He will be covering
themes dealing with early explorers, colonization,
regions in the United States, and the Civil War.
**Social Studies --daily geography(DG), states and
capitals, and grammar will be assigned weekly.
There will also be unit tests!!
**Field Trip to BSSE—Nov. 11 (Peters, Montgomery,
Buescher) & Nov. 13 (Elliott, Chiddix)
**Civil War re-enactment May 16
Mrs. Montgomery teaches science through hands on
activities using scientific inquiry. We will study
Classification of Plants and Animals, Work and Simple
Machines, Solar System, Water Cycle and Weather, and
Matter. Be prepared each day with materials needed for
science class.
**Lots of fun!!!
•Basic math fact knowledge is a MUST!
•Daily Common Core Review will be done
daily in the homeroom class.
•Our minds will be stretched to further
mastery of numbers, operations,
geometry, and algebra knowledge.
•Ms. Peters’ door is always open!!
Any work that is not completed in class needs to be
taken home and completed!
**A student will owe a star if their homework is not
completed!! They will work on it during their recess
If a student is absent: Assignment Sheets will be
filled out and placed in their mailbox!
*If you are absent for a day, then you have 1 day to
make it up. (absent for 2 days—2 days to make it up,
Weekly e-mails---These will be sent out via the e-mail
that the office has on file. Check for your newsletters
every Monday.
Remind (101)—please sign up for this if interested
Dr. Searcey’s Paxton Notes—e-mails
Weekly Star Sheets—please look daily and sign each
THURSDAY evening!!
Paxton 5B Twitter @Paxton5B
My Twitter @RoshonnePeters
***Respect & Responsibility!!!!
•Please remember that we are a
peanut-free district.
•Mini Society (AKA / Petersville)
discussion. Please stop and pick an
apple off your child’s Giving Tree to
help our economy run smoothly. More
information will be sent home.
•Parents… a school night just for YOU
to ask us (5B Teachers) questions.
Share what’s working, your struggles,
concerns, and how we can work as a
team to help your student have a
successful 5th grade year!
•When? Monday, August 31, 2015, from
7:00 – 8:00 P.M.
for taking the time to attend Meet the Teacher and
welcome to 5th grade!
We look forward to working with you and your child
this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with
exciting learning activities!
•Sarah Buescher (reading/writing), [email protected]
•Jessica Chiddix (reading/writing), [email protected]
•Steve Elliott (social studies), [email protected]
•Sharon Montgomery (science), [email protected]
•Roshonne Peters (math), [email protected]