Surviving Antarctica

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Transcript Surviving Antarctica

Character Analysis Using
Surviving Antarctica
By Andrea White
“The Coolest Place on
• Introduce each teacher using character
analysis web on Inspiration
• Introduce Surviving Antarctica by Andrea
White with pre-reading questions to get
them hooked.
1. Where is Antarctica and what is the climate like there?
2. Have you ever experienced a bitterly cold winter?
Describe the weather and the experience, using adjectives.
3. Have you or your family ever needed money?
Would you enter a contest to win cash?
4. Would you be able to work as a team with several other people your
own age, in order to survive?
5. Have you ever had a real-life adventure?
Describe it to your partner.
Go to:
And do a guided reading lesson with the expository text
Begin reading the novel as a class
read aloud
•Stop periodically to analyze characters as a group
using sticky notes.
•Collect data on chart tablet sheets using sticky
• Demonstrate how to use data and create a
web using Stephen, a character in the novel
as an example
• Discuss use of ibooks, bring in COW and
use ibook on a projector screen
• Students will work together (group of two
or three) to create an Inspiration web
analyzing a character of their choice
• Create rubric together for assessment at the
end of the project
• Present web to class
Evaluation/ Conclusion
• Present web to class on the projector
• Conclude by writing which character the
student can most relate to
• Students self evaluate using rubric
Andrea White comes to visit
in September!!!!