Antarctica`s Physical Geography

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Transcript Antarctica`s Physical Geography

Vostok Station, Antarctica
The lowest reliably measured temperature on Earth of -89.2 °C (-128.6 °F) was
measured here on July 21, 1983 (although since the temperature decreases with
height, it is virtually certain that lower temperatures occurred higher up towards
the summit of the ice sheet).
Celsius x 1.8 + 32 =
Fahrenheit temperature
Acclimatization – What is it ?
Acclimatizing is the action taken to adjust your body to a
new climate
 Acclimatization to Vostok Station can take from a week
to two months
 Physical problems include headaches, eye twitches, ear
pains, nose bleeds, perceived suffocation, sudden rises
in blood pressure, loss of sleep, reduced appetite,
vomiting, joint and muscle pain, and weight loss of
between 7-11 lb …sometimes as much as 26 lb weight
Amundsen-Scott Station
Why was it designed to
resemble a golf ball?
1957 South Pole Station
Dismantling the Dome
Elephant Island
South Georgia Island
Named for explorer, James Ross whose ship
was named EREBUS…Ross tried to circle
Antarctica but was stopped by an erupting
volcano later named Erebus
Does he look comfortable in this
ice cave?
The view from inside an
ice tower on Mt. Erebus
A bio-fueled Concept Ice Vehicle (CIV.)
• Equipped with an ice radar, the un-manned CIV will lead the way and
scan for hidden crevasses
•. Two larger Science Support Vehicles (SSVs) carrying the team and
their equipment will follow the pilot vehicle.
•turbo-charged, fuel-injected, 7.3 litre, V8 (bio)diesel
• equipped with solar panels to provide extra power.
• Antarctica is much too cold for current battery technology, and this
makes electric cars unpractical
Who is this man???
Carl Vinson…(19141965)- He was a U.S.
Representative from the
state of Georgia
Why does he have
mountain in Antarctica
named after him?
He encouraged the
funding of Antarctic
Flash Freezes make this sea dangerous for
Named for British sailor who was the first to
spot Antarctica