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Renaissance Art
circa 1400-1700 CE
• Renaissance is the French word for
• The Renaissance was a re-discovery of
Ancient Greek and Roman cultures.
• There were also major discoveries in the
sciences, astronomy and exploration.
Some inventions and discoveries
• Gutenberg’s
Printing Press
Columbus’ “discovery” of the
Copernicus’ discovery that the
earth revolves around the sun
Famous Renaissance Artists
you should know!
And I don’t mean the Ninja Turtles!
Leonardo Da Vinci
Raphael Sanzio
St. Mark, by Donatello, c. 1411
• Lived from 1475 to 1564
• He considered himself
a sculptor and didn’t think
much of the art of painting.
• He carved the “David”
when he was 26
• He was forced to
paint the Sistine Ceiling
by Pope Julius II which
took him 4 years to finish.
• It was done in Fresco where
one paints on fresh plaster.
David, 1501
Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Detail, Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Fresco, 1508-12 CE
Leonardo Da Vinci
Born 1452
Died 1519
Painted the Mona Lisa
Was a scientist and
inventor and artist
• Considered a true
“Renaissance Man”
Some of Leonardo’s inventions
• Note his unusual handwriting
• Born 1483
• Died young 1520
• Michelangelo was
jealous of his talent
• Painted the “School
of Athens”
School of Athens
Details from
School of Athens