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Renaissance Art
The meaning of the word Renaissance is__rebirth. . The center for the
art world was in __FLORENCE___, Italy. Both the _government ___ and
the ___Church ____ took an interest in promoting the arts. Artist were
commissioned to create and schools were funded to train quality artists.
Center of the ART world :_Florence___ Italy.
There were 3 leading artists in Florence that set the standard for all the
rest. They were :
1._____________Leonardo da Vinci________(1452-1519)
Leonardo da Vinci -(1452-1519) was a painter, sculptor, architect, scientist, inventor,
engineer, writer and musician. He kept extensive
notes in his sketchbook in which he wrote
___backwards_____. He is called a
______Renaissance_____ man because he was so
curious and learned about many topics. His
anatomy drawings are still used in medical books
Three famous works by da Vinci:
The Last Supper
*Leonardo use an experimental technique in hopes of
improving the popular ___fresco__ or painting on wet
plaster that most Renaissance artists used. He used
oil and tempera on a thin layer of plaster and the
results were disastrous. Within a short time the
painting began deteriorating and it has been a
continuous battle to preserve it.
*located in Milan, Italy in a monastery
2.The Mona Lisa
*can be found in ____Louvre____, in Paris ,
3. The Virtuvian Man
Leonardo was a mathematician as well as an artist and
continuously sought out of his notebooks. the perfect
proportions of the human form. If a compass were
placed at the navel, the tips of the fingers and toes
would fall on the line of the circle it drew. The well
known diagram illustrating the concept was part of his
Michelangelo Buonarroti- (1475-1564)
was a sculptor, painter, poet and architect. He is often called the greatest Renaissance
artist. He considered himself a _sculptor__, and was miserable when pope Julius II
commissioned him to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
Three famous works by Michelangelo::
The Pieta – Michelangelo traveled
to the quarries of northern Italy to
select the block of marble for this
The Pieta is an image of Mary
holding the dead body of Jesus in
her lap. It is found in The Vatican in
2. The Sistine Chapel Ceiling –
Pope Julius II ordered Michelangelo
to paint the ceiling which took
Michelangelo 4 years of lying on his
back to complete.
It was done in ___Fresco__. It
depicts scenes from the Old
Testament, the most famous being
the “Creation of Adam”. It was
cleaned and restored from 19601994,, revealing brighter more
vibrant colors that were hidden by
dirt and grim for centuries.
3. Dome of St. Peters
Designed the dome but died before
it was fully complete.
Raphael (1483-1520) –
Despite an early death at age 37, he
has a very large body of works still in
the Vatican and in museums all over
the world. He was known for the
expressiveness he added to the
faces of the portraits he painted.