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Greek Doctoral Students
24th January 2014
Message from Michael Doser
There is funding for greek doctoral students for their first 18
months at CERN (until the end of 2015) and it might not be
too late to try get one.
There are 2 students who seem to be an ideal fit for us
If we are interested I will follow up with Emmanuel
Georgiou, Anastasia
MSc France : ISIC (Informatique Synthèse d' Images et Conception
Graphique) - Université de Limoges
Age 32
passion for parallel computing and networks applied to computer
My research directions for my PhD are related to high performance
network-based computing: High Performance and Scalable MPI over
modern Interconnects (InfiniBand FDR/EDR,10GigE/iWARP, RDMA
over Converged Enhanced Ethernet (RoCE)) focusing on multiple novel
designs (multi-core-aware, collectives, kernel-based communication,
fault-tolerance, resiliency and QoS), Programming Models (PGAS and
UPC), Parallel applications, High Performance Networking for
TCP/Infiniband Applications and Applications-driven Performance
Was a CERN summer student
Karapiperis, Dimitrios
Ph.D in Computer Science : Privacy-Preserving Record
Linkage, approximation techniques, small space algorithms
for massive data sets, probabilities theory application etc.
Mining massive data sets at CERN in real-time and finding
any similar items by applying well-known techniques (like
Locality-Sensitive Hashing) or programming models (like
Map-Reduce) is a valuable asset in my research work.
Models from probabilities theory, database theory or
randomized algorithms can be employed , so that proposed
solutions on massive data sets will be efficient and accurate.