Review for East Asia Test - Collins Intermediate School

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Transcript Review for East Asia Test - Collins Intermediate School

Review for East Asia Test
Forbidden City
The only people allowed in the
Forbidden City are the emperor, his
family, and some officials.
Hong Kong
The major port and financial center
for East Asia.
A man who taught moral character
and individual responsibility.
Silk Road
A trade route between Rome and
China which increased trade for Asia.
3 Gorges Dam
Controls the Yangtze River in China.
Pearl Harbor : where the Japanese attacked
the US; it was a large US naval base in the Pacific.
The United States went to war with
Japan when the Japanese attacked
Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. Japan
surrendered when U.S. dropped
atomic bombs on Nagasaki and
One Child Policy
China's one child policy was established by
Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to
limit communist China's population growth.
China has proclaimed that it will continue its
one child policy, which limits couples to
having one child.
Standard of living
Look at the GDP (per capita) for the country to
find out about the standard of living.
North Korea-Communismunlimited-dictatorship
South Korea-RepublicLimited-president
Which type of government has
free market and limited
government? Democracy
Economy of Japan
Japan’s economy is closely related to
the United States. Because Japan is
an archipelago, they eat mostly fish.