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Danielle Broussard
Pearl Harbor
6th Period
World History
Saturday, December 6
 President Franklin Roosevelt
tries one last time to get the
Emperor of Japan to declare
 The U.S. code-breaking service
Begins intercepting a Fourteen
part Japanese message and
decoded only thirteen parts of
No Warning
 The people at Pearl Harbor had no
warning. The People at the White House
had decoded some of the Japanese
message, but they did not send a warning
out to anyone.
 Within twenty-four hours, more of the
country’s naval force was destroyed than
in all of World War I.
The Attack
 The Japanese hit their first target at
7:53 am on December 7, 1941.
 The second attack was at 8:55am.
 By 9:55 the attack was over.
 By 1:00pm the carriers that
launched the planes, were headed
back to Japan.
Sunday, December 7
 The United States was taken
completely by surprise.
 Aircrafts and battleships were
the first attack’s targets.
 Other ships and shipyard
facilities were the second
attack’s targets.
 The air raid lasted until 9:45am.
Eight battleships
Eight cruisers
Twenty-nine destroyers
Nine submarines
Fifty other ships
Three hundred ninety planes
 Two thousand three hundred
thirty-five military and sixtyeight civilians were dead.
 One thousand one hundred
forty-three military and thirtyfive civilians were wounded.
 The Japanese launched 353
aircrafts in the attack.
 Five Japanese midget submarines
joined the attack. Though none did
any damage.
 After the attack, one submarine was
found beached. The two men aboard
were the first two prisoners of war.
Japanese Aircrafts
 At 7:53am, the Japanese attacked Pearl
Harbor under the command of Mitsuo
 Fifty-one ‘Val’ dive bombers
 Forty ‘Kate’ torpedo bombers
 Fifty high level bombers
 Forty-three ‘Zero’ fighters
 Their Battle cry was “Tora! Tora!
Tora!”(Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!).
United States
 The Pacific Fleet’s aircraft carriers,
submarines, and fuel oil storage
facilities were not damaged.
 They formed the foundation for the
Battle of Midway.
 Six of the eight damaged battleships
at Pearl Harbor returned to service.
Monday, December 8
 The United states declared war
on Japan.
 They called December 7, “a date
which will live in infamy…”
Thursday, December 11
 Germany and Italy declare war
on the United States.
 The war had now become global
with Japan, Germany, and Italy
against America, Britain, France
and their Allies.
Pictures of the bombing of
Pearl Harbor
USS West Virginia
USS West Virginia
Japanese flying away
after the attack.
Nazi Flag
Declaration of War
Atomic Bomb
The USS Arizona
 The USS Arizona was one of the ships
that was sunk in the attack on Pearl
 It was the third ship to be named in
honor of the forty-eighth state.
 It was hit by a one thousand seven
hundred and sixty pound bomb.
 One thousand one hundred seventyseven lives were lost on the ship
during the attack on Pearl Harbor.