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Los Angeles Southwest College
Winter Session and Spring Semester
Marketing/Advertising Campaigns
Website Update and Opportunities
Presented by Benjamin Demers, Public Information Officer
Winter Session Marketing and
Advertising Campaign
Purchased ad space in area college newspapers: Cal State Dominguez
Hills (The Bulletin) and Cal State Los Angeles (University Times).
1. Ads ran from middle of November to late December.
2. Fifteen total advertisements that each took up a quarter page
3. Based on feedback from four-year schools and LASC
administration, classes highlighted included General Education
classes as well as Chemistry, Physics, Math, Anatomy and Biology.
4. Low cost and convenience noted in advertisement.
5. Ads also promoted Spring Semester
Heavy push to enroll on free outlets available to LASC PIO office
1. LASC students enrolled in Fall Semester were encouraged to enroll for
Winter via email and text (min. 10 times each starting in November.
2. LASC social media utilized (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat)
3. Jumbotron and Student Services Building TVs had a half dozen slides
each promoting enrollment.
4. Slides on LASC’s homepage pushed enrollment.
College newspaper advertisement
Spring Semester Marketing and
Advertising Campaign
Printed 20,000 Spring Semester schedules
1. Mailed 15,000 schedules to 18 to 25 year olds in feeder area.
2. 5,000 schedules shared by LASC representatives in community and on campus.
3. Fall Semester students encouraged via text and email to visit Bookstore to pick
up free schedule.
4. Schedules had more Spanish translations than online schedule.
5. Used as marketing tool as much as a schedule.
Purchased 100 radio ads promoting Spring Semester and Southwest Daze
1. Ads appeared on 102.3 KJLH, 93. 5 KDAY and 92.3 KRRL.
2. Listen to them at bit.ly/LASCradio or visit www.LASC.edu.
III. Heavy push to enroll on free outlets available to LASC PIO office
1. Email, text, social media, Jumbotron, Student Services Building
TVs, LASC’s homepage, banners around campus, etc.
2. Working with Admissions and Records to send out emails and
text messages to specific students.
Sample Social Media Post
Sample Social Media Post
Sample Social Media Post
Additional efforts
Working with LACCD and LASC representatives to promote LA College Promise
1. With LACCD funding, have placed LASC-centric banners in local high schools
promoting the LA College Promise (Locke, Washington, Fremont, Jordan and
2. With LASC Promise team, creating create mailers and related promotional
materials to highlight the Promise to both on-campus and off-campus groups.
Working closely with Outreach and Recruitment team
1. Created and designed six brochures for the team’s usage at area schools as
well as related content that highlights the college.
2. Work on an almost daily basis with Outreach and Recruitment coordinator
High school poster promoting LA Promise
How to improve
Decisions on usage of marketing money to go through Enrollment Management
1. Committee will review proposals and then PIO will bring recommendation to
president’s office for final OK.
2. Departments and programs should be encouraged to bring their ideas to
committee via chairs or PIO.
Initiate more surveys and roundtable discussions with students to figure out best
practices and areas to improve upon or integrate into current operations.
III. Open up dialogue with LASC departments on determining programs, students and
faculty to highlight on free outlets.
1. Tell unique stories on website and social media pages that separate us from
area colleges. What makes us different?
Website is the most effective advertising tool
1. Review your page. Information should be kept up-to-date and be promotional
as well as helpful to students, parents, guardians, counselors, etc.
2. Problems with page? PIO office will be reaching out to departments to
improve quality of your webpages. How would you like your page to look?
3. Keep in mind we have a relatively old content management system.
4. Look out for old and inaccurate information. It needs to be updated or
5. See an error or your page or elsewhere? Don’t keep it to yourself, send PIO
office an email.
Benjamin Demers
[email protected]
323-241-5401 (work)
323-333-8950 (cell)
Social Media
Facebook: lacouthwestcollege
Twitter: lasccampus
Instagram: lasccougars
SnapChat: LASC_Cougars