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How many types of
Snickers can recall in 30
• Snickers first introduced by Mars inc. in the year 1930
• An annual income of $2billion
• Name “Snickers” founded by the Mars family which was taken
from their favourite family horse
• In the UK as well as Ireland, Snickers was sold under the
brand name “Marathon” until the early 1990s.
• Our manufacturers work very hard day in day out precisely
placing 16 peanuts into each of the 15 million bars
distributed daily.
• As already established, many different design ideas have
come forth from Snickers family establishing new target
• Majority of adverts include celebrity endorsements.
TV & Commercial
Strategy & Audience
Advert 1 (Buffalo Bills)
In the late 1990s, Snickers ran ads which featured
someone making a self-inflicted mistake, with the
voice-over saying "Not going anywhere for a while?
Grab a Snickers!".
Target Audience: Males aged 20-40/45
Persuasive Strategies: Celebrity Endorsement,
Advert 2 Mr.T
One of the more recent in the assembly of Snickers
advertisements Mr.T acts as a “motivational speaker” going
around to different men eliminating what would be seen to
be flaws within manhood with the antidote being a
Snickers bar
Target Audience: more universal/less specified
men/appealing to ,men who in the pass may have felt
alienated from the snickers conglomerate
Persuasive Strategies: Celebrity Endorsement, Avarice,
Advert 3
Recent addition to “Grab a Snickers!”
advertisements, Joe Pesci angry as women reject
them. Snickers offers dimension to cool down the
Target Audience: Males (Socialites)
Persuasive Strategies: Celebrity Endorsement,
On the 26th February 2007 it was announced that their would be a vast change in
the way in which food products can be advertised on TV. The rules have been
tightened in response to Government and public concern about the increase in
childhood obesity and the future health of the nation. (adverts glamourizing
product too much)
As a result, TV advertisements for food products that are classed as high in fat, salt
and sugar (HFSS) will not be shown in or around shows that hold particular appeal
for children up to 16 years of age. The ASA is responsible for administering the
food rules and ensuring that advertisements adhere to the new content and
scheduling restrictions
Public policy concerns about the rising level of obesity and its associated health
risks resulted in the Government wanting to see a change in the way food and drink
is advertised to children. In the Health White Paper in November 2004 Ofcom, the
ASA's co-regulatory partner for broadcast advertising, was asked to consider
strengthening the TV advertising rules for food and soft drinks. After an exhaustive
public consultation process Ofcom have finalized the scheduling rules for food
advertising. Ofcom have applied the restrictions to those food products classed as
HFSS as identified by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Nutrient Profiling Model. The
Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP), the body responsible for
writing and updating the TV Advertising Standards Code, have finalized the content
rules which will sit alongside and support the changes that Ofcom have introduced.
These rules cover a range of issues including the use of celebrities,
diet and lifestyle, pressure to purchase, nutritional claims and HFSS products.
Already established and have
great influence on audience
through Mars so more higher
chance of the advertisement
being successful
Mars official sponsors to FA enhances
the reliability thee audience will have
on Snickers
Although Snickers has not
advertised to females this can be
seen as a positive to stimulate a
range of design ideas
Snickers more worldly reknown due
to the fact that it has been officially
named as a snack as a pose to a
chocolate bar
Universal product, does not have
set season, variety of
advertisement techniques can be
Audience fairly used to celebrity
endorsement, this advert includes no
celebrities lets down audience.
Anthony Worrall Thompson
(chef) creates Snickers Pie.
Voted most unhealthiest snack
in history with double the
amount of calories which is
advised to be consumed in 1
Anti Homosexual connotations got
advertisement in 2006 banned. Still angry
Would not have the facilities to live up to
past advertisements with high level of
Exposure worldwide could result in
branches being built presenting jobs
to struggling areas
Make a great advert on a low budget
Universal chocolate bar not
related to a specific season,
a range of different adverts.
Although we have never done
adverts appealing to the
female audience, this offers a
basis of may ideas
Establish more global
If I were to attempt to appeal to
women they may not come to the
idea due to the neglect of Snickers
for previous advertisements
History of bad encounters with the ASA, antihomosexual connotations
For a new consumer
snickers can be argued
that it is soo similar to
Increase in price from 50p to 55/60p but
no increase in the size may not be lightly
taken by consumers
Nut allergy consumes many
parts of the target audience
Action films, enjoys CGI.
No real age or ethnic restrictions.
Presented in previous
advertisements looked at.
Your average male. Works standard 9-5.
Not much of Socialite but can be social
on occasions. C-D1 in SOC
Reading, Sports, social events,
versatile music tastes. Open to
opposite sex interaction