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West Virginia
Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Land Restoration
Special Reclamation Program
Alyce R. Lee
What is Special Reclamation?
• Bond forfeited sites after 1977
• Funded by bond forfeitures and the coal tax
• Reclamation of the sites shall be completed
to restore the approved post mining land use
according to the requirements of the
original permit.
Special Reclamation Program
does its job
• Sampling locations are determined through
collection of all the seeps and final
discharge points
• Depends on the site
– Raw water
• These locations are recorded using GPS
Sample Collection
• Grab samples are collected monthly for
active and passive treatment sites
• Technology Based Standards
– pH >6 and <9, Fe <3, Mn <2, Al <0.8
• Parameters:
flow (CFS)
Total Metals (Al, Fe, and Mn)
Total Hot Acidity
• Laboratory
– total metals and general chemistry
– 3 contracted laboratory’s
• One in each region
• Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and
• Field
– pH, conductivity, temperature, total metals
– Examined on the final discharge
– As needed
Data Storage
• Paper and electronic
• Data is uploaded into an Oracle database
• Data is not available to the public and must
be requested using FOIA
Before Reclamation
After Reclamation
Star Industries
Additional Information
• Water quality information
– [email protected] 304-465-1911 X 3012