Some experiences of implementing low

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PebblePad and the HEAR?
‘Some (low-cost) institutional approaches to
recognising wider student achievement in the 21st
Rob Ward
The Centre for Recording Achievement
[email protected]
Recognising achievement beyond the curriculum
A tool kit for enhancing strategy and practice
‘The growth in award schemes offered by higher education
providers reflects calls from government, professional
bodies and employers to provide greater preparation for
students in the skills they need when entering graduate
employment. Moreover, in light of increased focus on the
quality of the student experience, awards also add value by
making higher education more relevant to the lives of
learners and helping them to recognise that there is more to
learning in higher education than just studying a subject.’
Stimulus papers at:
Key HEAR Component…
• Additional information esp. section 6.1 - a ‘richer picture’
of verified additional achievements recorded under one of
three headings:
– measured or assessed performance in non-academic
contexts accredited by, or with external accreditation
recognised by the University, e.g. awards concerned
with employability;
– additional recognised activities undertaken by students
which demonstrate achievement but for which no
recognition is provided in terms of academic credit, e.g.
Course Representatives or Students’ Union Officers;
– University, Professional and Departmental Prizes.
Some challenges…
What counts as University Business?
Section 6: some options… (welcome to
the Senior Management Team!)
Top down Institutional Protocols: identifying criteria
for the verification/accreditation of achievements
gained through co-curricular activities.
Bottom up - a student-led approach to the
verification of achievement …. An agreed process
by which the University can verify achievement which
does not form part of the formal curriculum.
Extended Use of an Institutionally validated Award
Scheme (the ‘envelope’ approach).
A cross-institutional scheme.
A better way (over to you)…
What students need…. an incomplete
• Planful awareness
• A helicopter view of their achievements
• A microscopic view of their achievements
What institutions offer – so before you buy
anything new…
What have you already got?
 For ‘framing’ the process, e.g. identifying what might count in terms
of institutional protocols…
 For collecting evidence.
 For organising evidence.
 For reviewing (and developing) evidence.
 For enabling evidence to be presented for verification.
 For presenting evidence to external audiences(s).
What do you want (any system/s) to enable?
 To reflect information back to the data subject, for reviewing and
planning use (with a tutor, so issues of access), or for addition into
an application/cv by the student/graduate.
 For presentation/access to an external audience, either on
graduation or say at the end of every year, or both.
 For searching by an employer (talent spotting/data mining).
 For the reconfiguration of data so it can be incorporated into
employers application systems (data exchange).
Over to you… and to the (your) practice!