Presence St. Marys Hospital

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Presence St. Marys Hospital
Ethical and Religious Directives
Patient Rights
Ethical and Religious Directives
Promote and Defend Human Life
Care for Poor and Vulnerable People
Work for the Common Good
Exercise Responsible Stewardship
Respect Moral Teachings of the Church
Social and Spiritual Responsibility of Catholic Health
Care Services
• Issues in the Care for the Beginning and Ending of
Medical Ethics Committee
• Members of the health care team who
educate about medical issues in the hospital
and in the community
• Review cases when health care choices
• May offer recommendations, but do not make
final decisions
Contacting the Ethics Committee
• Anyone can contact the Ethics Committee by
contacting administration at 2400.
• During evening/night hours the Nursing
Supervisor can be contacted.
Patient Rights
Personal preferences and values of each
individual are respected.
Patients are given a list of their rights at
registration and is posted on each unit.
– This comprehensive list includes but is not
limited to the right to be informed, the right to
refuse treatment, the right to privacy, the right
to know who is caring for them and the right to
comfort and dignity.