Do you display ethical deeds?

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Transcript Do you display ethical deeds?

East Carolina University
Police Department
Morality is the measure of
conduct and ethics is the study of
Do you have moral character?
Do you display ethical deeds?
Who you are and what you do when no
one is looking.
Character transcends race, religion,
education, position, gender, and
Is the most important moral parameter
that we are required to follow while at
If an officer is professional, then the officer
is an example of one who stays within the
rules of the law enforcement profession
while at the same time enforces such laws.
Professionalism factors
 Ethical conduct
 Good communication skills
 Knowledge
The Golden Rule
Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you.
It takes a person of strong character to treat
others better then the way they are treated.
Reliability of character, strength, ability,
and accuracy.
Trust is the foundation for all strong
To be trustworthy you must have honor
and integrity.
How to develop trust
Maintain integrity.
Openly communicate
vision and values.
Show respect for
employees as equal
Focus on shared
goals rather than
personal agendas.
Do the right thing
regardless of personal
Listen with an open
Maintain confidence.
Social Parameters
Who influences your decisions?
Immediate family
 Entire Family
 Church
 Neighborhood
 School
 Work environment
 City or nation
What makes law enforcement different
from most other businesses or
Self assessment quiz
Practices to avoid that will jeopardize good ethics
Motor vehicle violations
Sexual misconduct
Lying to others and gossiping
Misuse of state property
Misuse of authority
Loud parties
Associations/ the company you keep
Drug/ substance abuse
Domestic violence
Pride undermines teamwork.
Pride is blinding; it will blind you of your
own faults, to other people’s needs, and to
ethical pitfalls.
“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is
a permanent attitude.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.
"What is wrong is wrong, even if
everyone is doing it. Right is still
right, even if no one else is doing it."
- William Penn