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Dynamic Leadership
FACS 2011
What Do Other Kid’s Think?
What Kids Think About Leadership
Who you are makes a Difference! Dynamic
leaders are persons of good character
Dynamic Leaders are positive leaders;
individuals who uphold the underlying
values of our society and our organization.
Are you a Dynamic Leader?
FCCLA Wants YOU!!!
Character Traits
What is Character?
What you do when no one is looking.
The “secret ingredient” inside the best
What a Dynamic Leader Looks Like
High Standards
 Tells the Truth
 Keeps Promises
 Moral Courage
 Stand Up for their beliefs
Respect for themselves
Accept Responsibility and
do what supposed to do
Fair and play by rules
Care about others
Considerate and Forgiving
Cooperate and build a
better community
For 1 week keep a Respect Journal.
 Write in the journal every day. Describe
times when you show respect to others.
Describe times others show respect to
you. Write about what respect is and why
it is important for leaders. At the end of
the week, share your journal with the
class and talk about what you learned.
Leaders show Ethics
Ethics is the study of conduct and moral
 Ethical leaders demand the best behavior
from themselves and others.
 They understand leading is serving.
 Their decisions and actions reflect good
character and the values and principles for
which their organization stands.
Elements of Ethical Leadership
 Choice
 Courage
 Commitment
6 Pillars of Character
Trustworthiness- Blue– Don’t deceive,
cheat or steal/ Be Reliable/ Build a good
Reputation/Stand by your friends, family
and country
 Respect-Yellow– Treat others with respect/
follow the Golden Rule/ Be tolerant of
differences/ Use good manners/Be
considerate of feelings
Responsibility-Green—Do what you are
supposed to do// Plan ahead/ Persevere:
Keep Trying!/ Always do your best/ Be
self-disciplined/ Think before you act/Set a
good example.
 Fairness- Orange– Play by the Rules/Take
turns and Share/Be open-Minded/ Listen
to Others/ Don’t take advantage of others
Caring-Red-- Be king/ Be compassionate
and show you care/ Forgive others/ Help
people in Need
Citizenship-Purple– Do your share to make
the school and community better/ Get
involved/ Stay informed/ Volunteer
Just For Fun
Words to live by