Transcript R - CITI

Educating the IACUC and
Investigators to the Ethical
Issues of Conducting Lab
Animal Research
CITI Developers Group Meeting
October 4, 2007
Mark Christensen
A Possible Approach
1. Moral Theory
2. Applied Ethics
3. Specific IACUC/Investigator
Theoretical Foundations
1. Moral Theory
A. A bit about reasoning about ethics
B. Specific ethical theories
2. Historical Context
A. Thought about the status of animals
B. The regulatory developments
Applied Ethics
1. Application of Ethics to Animals
2. Application of Ethics to Research
3. Relationships Between Ethics and
Applications to IACUCs and
1. Specific to the Current Review Process
2. Related to the Regulatory Documents
3. Linked to Items on Protocol Forms, in
SOPs, etc.
Case Studies
To Illustrate Theoretical Concepts
To Illustrate/Demonstrate Application
Theory to Concrete World
As Examples of Particular Points
To Motivate Practice
A Few Thoughts
1. Good Science is “Value Free”…Good
Scientists are Not
Good = Effective + Ethical
Addapted from Joanne B. Ciulla
2. Good and Evil vs Good, Better, Best
Wrong is Wrong, but Let’s Pursue
Progress, Improvement, Excellence
Attitude Affects Practice
“…free of pain and distress, best quality of
life, dignity, respect, compassion…”
William Yonushonis DVM, Ohio State Univ.