American elm

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American elm tree
This beautiful tree has a
high, weeping canopy
with small, purplebrownish flowers. It is
not endangered and can
grow in any
environment, but does
not grow very well in
swamps or in wetlands.
 The American elm is Massachusetts state tree and it’s a deciduous tree, which means it
looses its leaves in the winter. Before the Dutch elm disease existed, this tree could have
grown up to 100 feet (30 meters)!!! The leaves are alternate, meaning the leaves grow in
a zigzag pattern, and they can be 7-20 cm long! The branches have a reddish-brown
color to it with dark, ash gray bark. The flowers bloom earlier than the leaves and they
branch in groups of 3 to 5.
Bearded Tooth Mushroom
Also called tree hedgehog,
the bearded tooth is edible,
but the smell is awful. The
taste isn’t very distinctive
either. It is not for collecting
because it is rare and it is
actually illegal to pick. It is
part of the tooth fungi
It is about 10 centimeters long
and can be found on the high part
of a tree. It normally grows on
the wounds of a tree and in many
forests. It comes out in the
summer and fall and lives on a
tree for around 6 weeks, unusual
for a fungus. The bearded tooth
continues to grow on the same
tree for many years. It still grows
even when the tree has fallen!
Not all fungi are destructive
to the tree they are one.
Many fungi’s that form heart
rot, formerly thought to
confirm the death of an old
tree, can actually extend its
life. A trunk hollowed by
these fungi’s remains as
strong as a solid one but
weighs much less, and is able
to absorb wind better than a
It has long, white spines that
grow out from the center in a
group. When the spines are old,
they turn yellow and sour. Its
good to eat them when young
and white.
It can grow up to a foot across
and the spines can grow more
than a centimeter.
The visible part of the
fungi produces by
By Leana Radzik
Thank you for watching!!!!
Please do not eat any mushroom
unless you are an expert, which I am