The Digestive System

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Transcript The Digestive System

By Jack And Liam
Big Burger
 The digestive system
starts when you eat
something. You eat some
thing because you need
energy and you need to
feed your cells. Then
after you chew then
swallow it, it turns in to a
ball of food called a
 After the food is in
the bolus it starts
down the esophagus.
Then enters the…..
 When the bolus is
done in the
esophagus it goes
into the stomach. The
stomach isn’t just a
place where a meal is
stored. Things get
rough down there.
Digestive juices,
including acid, are
added to the food.
Small Intestine
 Then the bolus goes
through the small
intestine after it done
in the stomach. A
small intestine could
be 20 feet long.
Large intestine
 After the bolus is
finished traveling
through the small
intestine it enters the
large intestine. The
large intestine is
where the undigested
food is stored to it is
ready to go to the
 In the colon the food
turn’s into fesses. Fesses
is another word for poop.
The poop is stored there
tell it is ready to go to
your anus.
 The last thing is it goes
out the Anus and into
the toilet and the next
time you eat you do the
same process all over the
The End