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You want to know about the
digestive system?
Read on
By Kourtney
The job of the digestive system
is to break down food that you
eat into molecules ! These
molecules to give you energy
and make you grow !
• The mouths teeth grinned your food up for
• The slither mash up food helps
• The oesophagus is 30m long .
• The food goes down the tube!
• It makes stomach acid go into you're food.
Your liver has all off the stomach
• The small intestine helps digestive system
• All of the food goes though the small!
intestine !
• The large intestine is lots of yellow fat!
• It surround’s the small intestine!
 The rectum is a part of the intestine!
 The rectum holds you’re poo in until you get
to the toilet…
It is a honour that
you have listened
and watched my
PowerPoint. If you
have any
questions raise
your hands!