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Food, Energy and
Healthy Eating
Substance that breaks up fat
Triangular organ located between the
stomach and the first part of the
small intestine that helps break down
carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
Last section of the
digestive system.
Millions of finger-shaped
structures folded into the inner
surface of the small intestine.
Does many jobs in the body such as
making bile for the digestive system
(largest organ in the body).
Where waste material is compressed
into solid form.
Where bile is stored.
A muscular opening at the end of the
Part of the digestive system where most
chemical digestion takes place.
Fluid released by salivary glands
when you eat.
A thick, slippery substance produced
by the body that lines the esophagus.
Flap of tissue that seals off your
windpipe and prevents food from
entering the lungs as you swallow.
J-shaped muscular pouch in the
Process by which your body breaks
down food into small nutrient
Muscular tube that connects the
mouth to the stomach.
Waves of involuntary muscle
contractions that push food toward
the stomach.
Process by which nutrient molecules
pass through the wall of your
digestive system into your blood.
Protein that speeds up chemical
reactions in the body.