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The Digestive System
Learning Objectives
• List the three types of digestive systems for
• Describe the function of the digestive
• Name the parts of the digestive system in
poultry and explain their function.
Types of Digestive Tracts
• Monogastric: one stomach
• Ruminant: multiple chambers
• Modified Monogastric: poultry/birds
Function of Digestive Tract
• Provide nutrients to the body
Modified Monogastric
Mouth (beak)
• No teeth – replaced by beak
• The tube that connects the mouth with the
rest of the body
• Located in the neck region of the bird
• Part of the esophagus
• Used to store food until the bird is ready to
digest more food
• Food is softened by saliva and secretions
from the crop wall
• True Stomach
• Secretes enzymes
• Passageway between crop and gizzard
Unique to birds
End of stomach before duodenum
Made up of two smooth muscles
Contains grit which acts as the birds teeth
Feed is crushed and mixed with digestive
Small Intestine
• Made up of two parts
– duodenum
– lower small intestine
• Important to absorb nutrients
• Have no real function
Large Intestine
• Additional absorption of water
• Located in the center of the duodenal loop
• Secretes pancreatic juice which neutralizes
the enzymes secreted by the Proventriculus
• Helps break down fat
• Produces a dark green substance called bile
• Bile is necessary for the absorption of fat
• Bile is stored in the Gall Bladder
• The end of three different tracts
– digestive
– reproductive
– excretory