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of China
in China
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This body of water
connects the
Yellow and
Yangtze rivers.
What is
A canal?
This is a protective
wall that protected
China from
Northern Invasion.
What is the
Great Wall?
These geographic
features created barriers
to the outside world,
thus giving China little
knowledge of the world
around them.
What is physical
geography such as
The Himalayan
mountains & Yellow
sea/Pacific Ocean?
This is where
China’s first
farming villages
Where is
along the rivers?
The 1st known civilization,
the Shang Dynasty arose
along the Yellow River.
This belief in
loyalty to family
and government
guided society.
What is
This religion
believed in
worshipping water,
metal, wood and
What is Taoism?
This is the group
of people whose
job it is to carry
out the work of the
Who is the
civil service?
Today, in the US, many
people have jobs within the
civil service.
This emperor was most
influential in having
the Great Wall of
China built.
Who is
This belief of
Confucius spread
the same values to
Chinese society.
What is to show
loyalty & respect
within the family?
These tests, based on
Confucius’s teachings
enabled poor young
men to hold
government jobs.
What are
The founder of the
Qin Dynasty &
China’s first
Who is
Emperor Chin?
This is the type of
money used by a
group or a nation.
What is
This is a local leader
of an “armed” group
and he probably
owned a large
amount of land.
What is a
feudal warlord?
This action by
Emperor China was
meant to protect the
people from the
Mongolians (Huns).
What is the
building of The
Great Wall of
The was the goal of
the Mongolians for
invading China?
What is take their
lands and
This is an ancient
trade route
between China &
What is the
Silk Road?
This is a valuable
cloth made only in
China, it was
highly prized in
What is
The Silk Road was named for
this highly traded commodity.
This was an
accomplishment of
the Chinese during
the Han dynasty.
What is the
invention of paper?
The availability of paper
greatly influenced
learning & the arts in
The invention of
this object allowed
armies to exchange
What is
the kite?
Dynasties required
members of the civil
service to be educated
in this philosophy.
What is the
teachings of
This means a group
of people who are
related to each other,
but these people
have passed away.
What is an
This tradition of
“family names” is
different than our
What is the
family name comes
Ex.: Washington George
This teaching of
Confucius is
similar to what
teaching of
Christians & Jews.
What is “The
Golden Rule?”
These are three
types of civil
service jobs in the
US today.
What are:
1. mail carrier
2. census worker
3. highway patrolman
4. public defender?
These 3
made by Shi
Huangdi were used
to unite China.
What are:
1. standardized currency
(round coins w/a square hole)
2. common weights & measures
3. improved system of writing
4. law code?
Make your wager
These achievements
in Ancient China
were in the arts,
medicine, &
What are silk weaving, paper,
block printing/pictograph,
bronze work, architecture,
poetry, jade carving,
acupuncture, herbal remedies,
circulatory system
(acupuncture), iron plow,
rudder (ships), seismograph,
compass, & wheelbarrow?