Transcript Ch. 5 Notes

Ch. 5 Notes
Ancient China
Section 1
Section 1
• The first known civilization in China was
the Shang dynasty.
• Its people built China’s first cities, created
fine bronze work, and created the first
Chinese writing.
• The family was the center of early Chinese
Section 2
Section 2 Questions
• Confucius was a poor noble from the
North China Plain who became a
professional teacher.
• Confucius believed that a peaceful, orderly
society was possible only when rulers
treated others justly.
• He reformed Chinese government by
requiring that civil service workers be hired
based on merit.
Section 3
Section 3
• Shi Huangdi was the first emperor of
China and the Qin dynasty. He built the
Great Wall and roads for the army to travel
quickly, and divided China into districts
and selected officials.
• During the Han dynasty there was a stable
government. Education and Confucianism
were important priorities. Later, military
power became more important.
Section 4
Section 4
• The Silk road opened China to trade with
lands to the west.
• Some important inventions during the Han
dynasty were paper, iron farming tools,
rudder, wheelbarrow, collar and harness.