Art Techniques in Propaganda

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Transcript Art Techniques in Propaganda

These techniques can be used to enhance the
message of your poster
The MOST important part to your poster will
be your central Message
It is the Focal Point of the poster and all eyes
will be drawn to this image
The central messaging can also be wording
Messages in propaganda can “POP” better
when colors are contrasts against each other
The background color often helps to make
the foreground message stronger
Always make sure to use colors that do NOT
clash and that complement each other
Symbolism is where you take one object to
represent another
It makes a propaganda message more
Often images have nothing to do with the
images they are actually representing
Symbolism can also be shown in the way
words are written
Know what Your Audience Connects to and
use it to your advantage
Pay attention to the Fonts used, a font can
say a thousand words
You are trying to convince your Audience to
support your cause and visual appearance
goes a LONG way!!
Make Great Projects!!!