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Walk Like an Egyptian
By Sheryl Johnson
Where is Egypt located?
Nile River
Upper/Lower Egypt
Mediterranean Sea
Life on the Nile
• Social levels
• Working Families-Trades-farming, smith,
painter, mason, leather tanner, carpenter,
• Pharaohs were considered to be living
gods! They believed that when the pharaoh
died, he would achieve eternal life.
The World is Born!
• First there was only darkness.
• The god Nun was a big, black sea in chaos,
• The god Ra came from the sea, he was the
• Order was established and life was made
Gods and Goddesses
• The Egyptians had many gods and
goddesses-one source lists 740!
• Only a small number were worshipped at
the same time.
• Some examples are Ra, Horus, Isis, Osiris,
Nephthys, Hathor, Ptah, Bastet, Anubis, and
Where’s my mummy?
• Egyptians believed in life after death
• Procedure: the ritual was performed
by 4 priests. Important parts were
placed into canopic jars. The body was
dried using natron and then wrapped with
long strips of cloth. Lastly, it was places in a
• Most pyramids were the final resting place of
pharaohs and queens.
• There were about 30 pyramids built in ancient
Egypt. Each took about 20 year to build.
• They were 480 ft. high & 760 ft. long. Some block
weighed as much as 15 tons.
What did that mean?
• The Egyptians used many symbols such as
an Ankh, Flail&Crook, Eye of Horus, Ba,
Jackal, Scarab Beetle, and Sphinx.
So what do you remember?
• What body of water was the most important to the
• What is a delta?
• How many cataracts are along the Nile?
• Did the Egyptians have any social levels? What
level contained the most people?
• Was a Pharaoh very important? Why?
• What two gods were responsible for the
beginning of the world?
Quiz Continued…
• Pick a god of goddess for your
• Did the Egyptians believe in life after death?
• List the steps of the mummification process.
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