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Bell Work
•What do you know about
the culture of Egypt?
The Culture of
Egypt’s Economy
• Strong economy based on agriculture
• Barley
• Emmer(Wheat)
• Glassmaking, metalwork, & pottery
• Barter System-traded crops for luxury goods
• Pharaoh taxed goods-took a portion of crops or products
• Had to work on government buildings
Life After Death
• Egyptian’s belief that they
would have a new life after they
• Egyptians preserved the dead
w/minerals & spices(resin)
• Then wrapped body in cloth
• Wrapped body-Mummy
Life After Death
• Here is a primary source on the mummification process
• Read through it and I want you to highlight what you find
interesting about the process
Life After Death
• Please read pages 48-49
• Please write a summary paragraph from the
information from pages 48-49
Bell Work
•Please read your summary
paragraph on mummification
Life in Egypt
• Worshipped many gods
• Environmental(sun, Nile river, flooding)
• Towns &cities had local gods
• 2 important gods
• Ra- Sun god
• Pharaoh is the son of Ra-Pharaoh is a god
• Isis-Protected people from sickness & harm
Life in Egypt
• A Pharaoh’s Tomb
• Many large temples & palaces built
• Built stone tombs-pyramids
• Most well known pyramids
• Pyramids of Giza-located in Cairo
• The Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu-1 of the Pyramids of Giza
• 2 million stone blocks -men worked while floodwaters covered fields
Life in Egypt
• Egyptian Advances
• Great engineers & builders
• Built canals & dams-increased land that could be farmed
• 1 canal went from the Nile river to the Red sea
• Leader in mathematics
• New ways of measuring weight, area, length, & distance
• Fractions
• Astronomers-Identified the 5 planets that are seen w/out a telescope
• Developed a 12 month calendar & 365 days
Life in Egypt
• Egyptian Advances
• Medicine
• Check patient’s pulse & heartbeat for illness
• Set broken bones
• Stitch wounds
• Brain Surgery
• Scribes helped with Medicine
• Wrote papers to train doctors
• Wrote papers about antibiotics-Moldy bread/honey (natural antibiotic)
• Egyptian dentists filled cavities