Unit I Test Review

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Unit I Test Review
• Q: Social Status of Egypt
• A: Hierarchal/ different levels/classes
• Q: Created a bottleneck of people/lead to the
extinction of most species
• A: Ice Age
• Q: Epic of Gilgamesh
• A: Oldest surviving piece of literature in the
• Q: Neolithic Revolution
• A: Development of agriculture/domestication
of animals/stationary life
Q: Purpose of the Nile River
A: Trade and Travel
Q: Human interaction with their environment
A: Adapt or change their environment
Q: Geography of Mesopotamia/Significance
A: No natural boundaries/open to invasion
Q: Ziggurat
A: Religious temple
Q: What is a covenant
A: Contract between God and man
• Q: Nile River would shape
• A: Development in Egypt
• Q: Mesopotamian empire developed through
• A: Akkadian Empire
• Q: Belief in many gods
• A: Polytheism
• Q: Burial shows
• A: Spirituality/Religion
• Q: Living god/god-king
• A: Pharaoh
• Q: Conquered Egyptians due to the horsedrawn chariot and used Egypt as a tribute
• A: Hyksos
• Q: Need for vital resources in Mesopotamia
• A: Conquests/organized warfare
• Q: Tool making is the driving force in
• A: Evolution/intelligence
Q: Pyramids
A: Symbol of pharaoh’s power and success
Q: God of the dead
A: Osiris
Q: Purpose of a system of writing
A: Economic
Q: Strengthen a culture (i.e. early Egypt)
A: Isolation
• Q: Pre-history
• A: Time before establishment of a system of
• Q: Assyrian Empire
• A: Gained territory through warfare
• Q: Scientific contribution of Egyptians used in
modern day society
• A: Calendar/plant and harvest according to
the seasons
• Q: Everything has a spirit
• A: Animism
• Q: Early man had to do what in order to
• A: Control fire
• Q: Hammurabi’s code did show
• A: Difference in classes
• Q: Makes up a civilization
• A: Religion/division of labor/social
• Q: According to Ancient Hebrews when the
Messiah comes he will bring
• A: Peace
Q: Fertile soil was the reason for
A: Establishment of cities near water/rivers
Q: Able to walk upright
A: Homo erectus
Q: Census
A: Counts population
Q: Connected by movement
A: Functional geography
Q: Exchange of goods and ideas
A: Cultural diffusion
Q: Mummification lead the Egyptians to have
A: Extensive knowledge about the body
Q: 4 Human characteristics of geography
A: Population/government/economic
Q: Father of Judaism
A: Abraham
Q: Monotheism
A: Worship/belief in one god