How to Come Up with Research and Quality

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Transcript How to Come Up with Research and Quality

How to come up with Research Questions
and Quality improvement projects?
Jitender Sareen MD
Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, Community Health Sciences
University of Manitoba
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Research Manitoba
Co-investigators, mentors, students, patients
Moving research forward
How to come up with research and QI
Be Curious
Ask questions
Problem Solve
Make Connections
Quiz- from Dr. Olafson’s talk
• What is the difference between a Research
project and a Quality improvement project?
Research vs. QI
• Research Project:
– Creation of new knowledge.
• Quality improvement project
– Translate established knowledge into improving
care locally.
What types of research and quality
improvement questions
can you ask around a case?
• 26 year old veteran of Afghanistan, multiple
concussions, leaving military, multiple
relationships, presenting to clinic with back
pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, wanting
medical marijuana for treatment.
Read around the case!
• What should you read?
– Practice guidelines
– Systematic reviews and meta analyses
– Read once a week the abstract from the highest
impact journals in your field.
– You will be surprised how relevant the articles are
to your clinical cases.
– Go to conferences and actually attend the talks
not just go to the beach!
– TED talks!
When reading
• Ask yourself:
– What is known about this topic?
– What is not known?
• Next compare what is recommended as
treatments to what is being practiced….
How do you get an idea?
Be curious
Ask questions
Problem solve
Make Connections
Keys to success: TED talk
Richard St. John – 8 Secrets of Success
1. Ideas
2. Passion
3. Hard work
4. Good – practice, practice, practice
5. Focus on the task
6. Push through self-doubt and shyness
7. Serve- serve others something of value…
8. *** Persist***
Persist through CRAP
Categories of Questions I
• Epidemiology
– Seems boring but kind of important
– How common is it?
– What is the natural history of the condition with
and without treatment?
– What is the impact on the person, family and
– How many people get treatment/need treatment?
Categories of Questions II
• Differential diagnosis/Diagnostic
• What are the common comorbid conditions?
• How should we classify the disease?
– EG. PTSD is NOT an anxiety disorder anymore
– EG. Depression with psychosis
Categories of Questions III
• What is the cause of the illness?
– Although in papers, we are careful about not making
causal statement, everyone wants to know why did
this person present with these symptoms, at this
particular time?
• The short answer is we often don’t know.
• Important to use Biopsychosociocultural
approach to understanding disease
Categories of Questions IV
• Prevention studies
– Eg. Suicide prevention, ptsd prevention…
• Treatment studies
– Biological treatments
– Psychosocial treatments
Categories of Questions
• Range of medical education questions…
• W. Fleisher…
How to come up with
research and QI ideas?
Be Curious
Ask questions
Problem Solve
Make Connections