Holocaust Terms

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HolocaustHitler's persecutions and murder of
European Jews. Original meaning
in Greek was "burnt sacrifice."
Came to mean a huge fire that
destroys everything in its path.
NAZI National Socialist German Workers' Party
(National Sozialische Deutsche Arbeiter
Partei) Fascist political party led by Hitler.
Racist, Anti-democratic, and nationalistic.
Third Reich "Third Empire" Germany under Nazi control
1933-1945. Was supposed to last 1000
years. Hitler considered the Holy Roman
Empire the first, Germany under Bismark's
rule the second, his own the third.
FascismA totalitarian system of government that
controls economy, suppresses all
opposition, promotes extreme
nationalism. Political philosophy exalts
nation and race above individual.
Dictatorship and oppression.
Anti-Semitism Prejudice or hatred of Jews.
GenocideDeliberate, systematic murder and
extermination of an entire racial or
cultural group of people. Term coined
after WWII to describe Hitler's war
crimes against Jews.
A private army of elite, highly-trained
Nazi guards. Black shirted security
force. Had complete control of the Jews
and concentration camps. Headed by
Heinrich Himmler.
Brown shirted storm troopers.
Hitler's private army of cutthroats
and hoodlums. Helped bring Hitler
to power in the 1930's. Headed by
Ernst Roehm.
Gestapo - (geheime Staatspolizei)
Secret police. A branch of the SS in
charge of imprisoning all Nazi
enemies, including Jews.
Hitler Youth- (Hitler Jugend, Deutsches Jungvolk)
Nazi organization for German boys 618. Meeting held Sunday mornings to
deliberately conflict with church.
Purpose to indoctrinate boys as good
Nazis. Corresponding group for girls
was League of German Maidens
(Bund Deutcher Madel-BDM).
Fuhrer “Leader.” Hitler’s title.
SwastikaSymbol of the Nazi party.
Arbeit Macht Frei "Work will make you free."
Famous sign at the entrance of
Auschwitz. Example of Nazi
deception and lies.
SurvivorSomeone, usually a Jew,
who survived the Holocaust.
Bear WitnessTo tell what you experiences or saw.
Kristallnacht"Night of Broken Glass."
Nov. 9-10, 1938. First Nazi
pogrom -- an organized and
officially approved attack on
a minority group.
AryanNazi term for "German Race.”
Supposedly pure and superior to all
others. Actually no such race. Term is
a name of an ancient language from
which modern European and
Mediterranean languages have
GhettoA part of a city where Jews were
forced to live. Nazis first set up
ghettos in cities in central
occupied Poland.
Final Solution-
Nazi euphemism for the
extermination of all European
Jews. Nazi policy to kill all Jews.
Blitzkrieg“Lightning War."A rapid,
overwhelming attack.
Hitler's very successful
method of attack.