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World War II: Fighting
New Leaders Emerge
• In Britain, after it is apparent Hitler is a
threat to Europe, Winston Churchill
becomes the leader of the British
• In France, after the nation falls to
Germany Charles de Gaulle becomes the
de facto leader on the French Resistance.
Battle for France
• May 10th, 1940: France is invaded by
Hitler’s army through a thick forest –the
• France believed the forest would protect
them, but it couldn’t protect them from
Hitler’s Panzer Division.
• On June 22nd, 1940: France Surrendered
Battle for Britain
• Britain helped to evacuate 300,000 soldiers
from France escaping the German Army.
• Their plan was to weaken the will of the
British. Germany bombed London for over 50
days, slaughtering civilians, destroying
ancient buildings.
• After the use of Radar technology, German
forces are unable to make many successful
attacks on Britain.
• By 1941, Germany could not continue to lose
planes/pilots on London Bombing Raids.
Battle Against the Soviets
• After failing in Britain, Hitler turned toward his
old enemy Josef Stalin and the Soviet Union.
• In June, 1941 Germany invaded the Soviets
with a force of 3 million troops.
• At first the assault is highly effective, but as
winter sets in German machines and people
are unprepared for Soviet Winter.
• After Winter, Stalin’s forces regroup and
millions begin marching against the Germans
Pearl Harbor: Why?
• Japan needed a lot of oil for its War Machine
to remain operational. America traded a lot
of oil to Japan.
• America cut-off their oil supplies to Japan in
response to their Militarism/Imperialism in
Asia (i.e., China, Korea, Manchuria).
• Japan responded by planning a secret attack
on the U.S. base in Hawaii: Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor: The Attack
• The attack begins early on the morning of
Dec. 7th, 1941 (Day of Infamy)
• 2 waves of attack from planes/submarines
• Attack takes less than 2 hours.
• 2402 – Dead
Japanese Losses
1282 – Injured
65 people
4 Battleships Sunk
5 Subs
128 Aircraft destroyed
29 aircraft
The Aftermath
• America was shocked and entered the war
the very next day (Dec. 8th).
• America, upon entering the war, rounded
up Japanese into Internment Camps.
• Germans and Italians also experienced
severe mistreatment.
• Jingoism: patriotism in the form of
warlike, aggressive, ethnocentric behavior