505-06 Group Presentation: Movie Trailers

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Transcript 505-06 Group Presentation: Movie Trailers

Problem Statement
In marketing their movies,
studio executives are faced
with the problem of
understanding the unique
challenges and opportunities of
online movie trailer reception.
Discipline One:
Cultural Studies
• Provides a framework to discuss and
understand the cultural placement of
online trailers
Research Gap
• Need for up-to-date study because of
the rapid evolution of the phenomenon
Discipline Two:
Business (Marketing)
• Addresses the key purpose of movie trailers
as marketing tools for the film industry
• Ensure profit-maximizing response to cultural
Research Gap
• Need to understand loss of producer control
in consumer-driven culture
Research Questions
What aspects of reception play a role in successful
online trailer marketing?
How are trailers being viewed? Are they being
discussed? Shared? Where? How?
What is the balance between offline
and online? How can studios
capitalize on that?
505-06 Group Presentation: Movie Trailers
Methods/Research Plan
-Consumer Demographics
- Trailer viewing statistics
-Cultural shift
- Follow up interviews
-Impact, Trends, Magnitude
-Capitalize on shift