Dodge Ram 1500 Chassis Pwr Point

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Transcript Dodge Ram 1500 Chassis Pwr Point

Ram 1500 (DS) Chassis
Tom Burgess
Truck Chassis Engineering
Chassis Highlights
• All New Link Coil Rear Suspension
• Maintains maximum payload (1,850 lbs) and trailer tow (9,100 lbs.) ratings of DR
• Provides BIC ride and handling over conventional leaf spring pickups. Eliminates
nearly all ‘Beaming’ typically associated with pickups.
• Outboard and forward facing shock absorbers and a track bar are optimally placed for
improved handling and an extremely smooth ride on any road surface.
• Loaded attitude and ride is superior to leaf springs due to higher spring rates and a
60% reduction in friction versus leaf springs.
• Frame design incorporates high strength steel in critical areas for improved NVH and
impact performance while reducing overall weight by 30 lbs.
• Front suspension utilizes high strength steel and aluminum for an overall decrease in
weight of 38 lbs.
• Brake system incorporates large rotors, standard ESP, and 4 wheel ABS to improve
stopping distance by 10%. Trailer sway damping is also standard.
• First in segment, factory installed dual exhaust seamlessly integrated into the rear
bumper is available in 2 distinct tunings.
• Five new factory wheels – Three 20” (flangeless) and Two 17”.
Advanced High Strength Steel Rails
improve impact performance and
provide 30lb weight saving
Crossmembers and Brackets designed
to minimize noise and harshness from
road and powertrain.
Advanced High Strength Steel
crossmember improves side impact
performance without adding weight
New trailer hitch
attachment scheme
improves frame torsion
Drawn Arc Studs replace self
tapping screws for improved
electrical grounding and
corrosion protection
Rear Suspension
Coil spring isolation at the
frame contact, providing
better NVH performance
Outboard mounted shocks, for
improved axle damping and more
confident rough road handling
Rear suspension geometry tuned for secure,
confident handling, loaded or unloaded
Track bar provides lateral control and
higher lateral stiffness than leaf
spring designs
Rear stabilizer bar to maintain
flat cornering without degrading ride
Coil springs maintain load carrying capability,
but with much lower friction (60%) than leaf spring
designs. This contributes to improved ride
and isolation from road inputs
Front Suspension
Revised bushing designs to improve
isolation and handling
4x4 Tubular stabilizer bar provides 8 Lbs
weight savings
All new aluminum lower control arm
improves ride by reducing unsprung weight
by 24 Lbs.
Advanced High Strength Steel provides
excellent performance and saves 6 Lbs
per vehicle
Brake System
• Large, standard 4 wheel disc brakes.
• Standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with Four wheel ABS,
Traction control, and Hillstart Assist.
• Standard Trailer Sway Control (Details on 2 Pages).
• Stopping distance improved by 10% with re-calibrated ABS tuning matching new
rear suspension.
• Optimized brake pedal travel with enhanced tuning for confident stopping power.
• Optional Memory Adjustable Pedals with large pedals for enhanced comfort.
Trailer Sway Recognition
W/o TSC increasing Amplitude
Vehicle Yaw Rate
caused by the Trailer
Driver intended Path
Steering Wheel Input
Trailer oscillation recognized
TSC software monitors the vehicle movement relative to the driver
intended path. Depending on the amplitude and the frequency of
the oscillation the ESP- System will be activated.
Trailer Sway Control Correction
W TSC decreasing Amplitude
Vehicle Yawrate
caused by the Trailer
Driver intended Path
Steering Wheel Input
Trailer oscillation recognized
TSC is building up a basic pressure at the front axle to decelerate the cartrailer system
Depending on the oscillation conditions, TSC software can build up an
additional asymmetric pressure to damp out the oscillation
Dual Exhaust
Fully integrated dual exhaust
• Standard on Sport and Laramie
• Optional on SLT
Sport exhaust package is specifically
tuned with an aggressive sounding
exhaust note.
Chrome tip Dual Exhaust outlets integrated
with the rear bumper.
17x7 Steel
17x8 Chrome Steel
17x7 Alum Painted
17x7 Alum Painted (TRX)
20x8 Alum Painted
20x9 Alum Chrome
17x8 Alum Chrome
20x9 Alum Chrome