What are you really saying? Marketing Plan Development Tools

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Transcript What are you really saying? Marketing Plan Development Tools

What are you really saying?
Marketing Plan Development Tools
Devon Moody-Graham,MBA
Urban Entrepreneur Strategist
Small Business Advocate
What is a marketing plan?
 A marketing plan is a comprehensive document or
blueprint that outlines a company's advertising and
marketing efforts for the coming year. It describes business
activities involved in accomplishing specific marketing
objectives within a set time frame.
 In short, a marketing plan tells specific people what you are
going to do and when you are going to do it for a particular
amount of time.
 What are you really saying with your marketing plan?
How important is it?
 A marketing plan is almost as important as a business plan.
 It is the part of your plan that will evolve over time.
 It's not a static document. It needs to change as your business
grows, and as new and changing marketing trends develop.
 Here are 3 top reasons that it is important to have a clear
marketing plan.
3 Reasons you need a marketing plan
 Gives clarity to who your market is.
 Helps you craft marketing messages that will
generate results.
 Provides focus and direction.
3 Reasons you need a marketing plan
 Gives clarity to who your market is.
 It's easier to find clients and customers if you know who they
 Every product is NOT for everybody
 Sounds elementary but so many companies thinks that they have
something that EVERYONE can use
 This is pointless marketing…literally. If there is no focus, you will lose
money and time
 Let’s use an example.
3 Reasons you need a marketing plan
 Helps you craft marketing messages that will
generate results.
 Marketing is about knowing what your product or service can
do to help a target market.Your messages need to speak directly
your market.
 Do you know how your product or service helps your
 If not, you are not ready to market or sell anything to anybody.
 What pain does your product relieve?
3 Reasons you need a marketing plan
 Provides focus and direction.
 With tools to reach your customers such as email, social media,
advertising, guest blogging, direct mail, publicity, etc., you need
to know what to say, how to say it, and to WHOM you are
saying it.
 With so many marketing choices, you need a plan for
determining the best course of action for your business.
 It’s easy to get off track, stick to the methods that work for you
during a certain period and do well with them.
 My person example
5 Steps to Create a Marketing Plan
 Step 1:Your Situation
 Step 2: Ideal Customer
 Step3: Goals
 Step 4:Strategies
 Step 5: Budget
Step 1: Your Situation
 What does your company do?
 Product/Services
 Benefits to Customers
 Thorough - SWOT Analysis ( VERY IMPORTANT)
 Example: The Biz Spot
Step 2: Ideal Customer
 Start simple with a brief description then expand
 Age, sex, family composition, earnings, geographic location,
lifestyle, income, etc.
 For B2Bs- Business type, size, location, budget, etc.
 Who knows their ideal customer???
Step 3: Goals
 What do you want to achieve with this plan
 Market share, dollar amount, exposure, investors, etc.
 Be focused on certain outcomes in order to achieve them
 Make sure that they are SMART goals
 Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely
 Who has specific goals that they want to reach by end of 2016?
Step: 4 Strategies
 What marketing strategies are you going to use?
 Advertising, public relations, direct marketing, cold calling,
social media, blogging, speaking, email, loyalty programs…
 What are going to be your primary tools when, what time of
 What are going to be your secondary tools? Who will you use
them on?
 Ultimately all of these will depend on your BUDGET
Step 5: Budget
 A percentage of your income or startup funds need to go
towards marketing, whether its Facebook ads, a vendor
event, conference table or travel for a speaking engagement
you will need marketing dollars.
 Friends and Family are your next tier after self financing,
fundraising, events, grants, loans, crowdfunding are all ways
to get funding for a budget
 No matter how small NEVER Stop marketing in some way.
One Page Marketing Plan
 Now let’s use what you have learned and start to complete
this handout.
 Use your handout and plugin the information that you have
to create a starter or add on to an existing plan.
Thank you
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