The Practice of Management Research

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Transcript The Practice of Management Research

The Practice of Management Research
Professor Mark Gabbott
Deputy Dean, Business and
Department of Marketing
• Global Business = Global Research ?
• Academic Ethics = Business Ethics?
Department of Marketing
Why Managerial Research?
For Academics
Reality Check
New Ideas
For Business
Concept testing
Brand Alliance
Department of Marketing
‘Good’ International Managerial Research
• Means Super Sensitivity
To your own viewpoint
To the ‘cultural discourse’
To the importance of ‘grey’
To the role of ‘context’ for findings
To the damage of pre-judgement
Department of Marketing
Things to watch out for (first)
• Initial Contacts
– Use your network, use a title, use a local
contact or alum,
• Research business etiquette
– Language, meetings and meals, gifts
and cards
• Specify ‘early’
– The detail of research, outputs, benefits
• Read the signs (yes, or no)
Department of Marketing
Things to watch out for (second)
• The relationship
– Real maintenance, develop trust
• Expectations
– Hospitality, integration, reciprocity
• Outcomes
– Reports, publications, and recognition
• Payment terms (if any)
– University, personal liability, private
Department of Marketing
University Environment
45 Code of Federal Regulations § 46 (2005) The National Commission
for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral
Research. The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for
the Protection of Human Subjects of Research
Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and
Engineering Research Council of Canada, Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of Canada, Tri-Council Policy Statement:
Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. 1998 (with 2000, 2002
and 2005 amendments).
EU European Code of Practice on Ethics in Research (SAS5 CT 2002
30051 and EU Directive 2001/20 EC.
The Joint NHMRC/AVCC Statement and Australian Code for the
Responsible Conduct of Research
NESH(Norway) CODEX (Sweden),
Department of Marketing
The Problem
• Significant frameworks for reviewing
research in the design phase
• Obvious procedural guidelines
• Clear responsibilities for researchers in
relation to data, disclosure, consent etc
• But what happens in the field ?
Department of Marketing
Key Ethical Challenges in Management
• Conflict of interest and affiliation bias
– Sponsors, researchers, association
• Gifts (hospitality and bribes)
– Guanxi, socialisation, and promises
• Power relations
– Employer/employee,
• Exposure to Harm or Wrong
– Biscuits, vilification or death ?
• Confidentiality and Privacy
– Data, NDA, competitor intelligence
Department of Marketing
• ‘Too many researchers leave home and
forget their luggage’
– Ethical review still applies
– International business practice can be tricky
– Watch out for yourself and your project
Department of Marketing
• Maintain some perspective
– How much is the research worth ?
• Be clear what you will and won’t do
– Rehearse scenarios
• Be clear about detail ‘up front’
– Will come with experience
• Don’t jeopardise the reputation of
yourself, your research or your
Department of Marketing
Managerial Research
Department of Marketing