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Paper Presentation at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi On !0th FEB 2007.
Existence of Earth based on Sun – Stars
Its causes for seasons and rain
Human beings Concentrated on
changes of Nature.
Grouth and movements .
In the course of time started searching
from micro to macro levels of
different fields.
Further extended to
DIK (Directtion) DISHA (Place) KALA (Time)
VEDAS are sources of knowledge
It has got six limbs.
1. SIKSHA (Phonetics)
2. Vyakarna (Grammer)
3. Chandas (Metre)
4. Nirukta (Etimilogy)
5. Jyotisha (Astrology)
6. Kalpa (Rituals)
Astrology has its effect from Ancient to Modern days
Astrology is modified from VEDANGA, which determine of
Time, Stars, Plants and its nature etc.
According to Dr. Nemi Chandra Sastri and others devisions
of time
Before 10,000 BC
Andhjakara Kala (Dark)
10,000 BC to 500 BC
Udaya Kala (Raising)
500 BC to 500 AD
Adi Kala (Ancient)
501 AD to 1000 AD
Poorva Madhya Kala
1001 AD to 1600 AD
Uttara Madya Kala
1601 AD to up to Now
Adukik Kala (Modern)
Saints recognised the effects of Planetary
forces on human beings. As they could visulise
these planetary forces through “YOGA DRUSTI”
(Vision) included them in the parts of VEDAS.
The various aspects of time and determination,
Astrology took a prominent place.
Astrology and Ayurveda are two limbs of Vedic Sciences like the
branches of same tree.
Ayurveda is primarily based on the concept that the planets and their
movements are intimately connected with human body and mind.
Astrology determines the basic physical constitution of human beings
and also gives an indication which planet effects which part of the body.
Ayurveda gives cure, by utilizes varies herbs, roots, metals, and
extracts for this purpose.
So the relationships between planets and trees, herbs etc., should be
known and also the effects of planets on human minds should
Ayurveda believes that ailments are a natural process and their cures
are by nature only.
Astrology aims at understanding the eternal truths of the human body,
mind and sprit and seeks permanent cure.
The swaras taking in the form of Ragas while research it reveals that
Ragas born due to Positive aspects of Planets are curing disease, which
are caused evil effects of the same planet.
The relation between colours and swaras colours and Planets are
thoroughly studied and the are used for curing the diseases.
Malkos (Hindola) for love
Deepaka Raga for kindness
Megha raga for Dareness
Bhirva Raga for Peace etc.
Ravi (Sun)
Ga (Gandaram)
Chandra (Moon)
Ma (Madyama)
White with yellow tint
Kuja (Mars)
Ri (Rishabham)
Budha (Mercury)
Pa (Panchamam)
Guru (Jupiter)
Da (Divatam)
Sukra (Venus)
Ni (Nishadam)
Multi – colour
Sani (Saturn)
Sa (Shadyamam)
Aryabhatta (360 AD) -- Four Chapters of ARYABHATEEYA
1. Getika pada
2. Ganita pada
3. Kalakriya pada
Bhaskara I (629AD) -- 1. Mahabhasaskareeya
4. Gola pada
2. Lagubhaskareeya
3. Aryabatta tantra bhashya (not available)
Bhaskara II (950 AD) -- 1. Siddanta Siromani has 4 Chapters
a. Leelavathi (Patiganitha) b. Beejaganita c. Ganitadhyaya
Bhaskara II --
2. Karnakutoohala
Father of the western Astrology PTOLEMY
-- Tetro Biblos (Four volumes)
Ezypt -- 4000 – 3000 BC Ephemeris
China -- 4000 BC Started the researches 2608 BC built
the planetarium
Greek -- Pteleez 640 BC, Pythogrous 550, BC.
Exdaxus 400 BC, Aristorcus 275 BC, Eratosyneez 230
BC. Apaloneas 200 BC,
Hiporcus 150 BC.
1. Metrological Observations - rain fall
2. Astro metallurgy
3. Almanac Calculations
4. Horary
5. Omens
Medical field