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Chapter 10
Launching the New
Ship of State, 1789–
Hamilton’s Financial Structure Supported by Revenues
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Republicanism Triumphant
Artists often used classical motifs to
celebrate the triumph in America of
republicanism--a form of government
they traced back to ancient Greece and
Winterthur Museum
The Contrast
Adaptation of a British cartoon that makes the former colonies’ struggle for
independence look virtuous compared to the French Revolution.
Boston Public Library
American Posts Held by the British After 1783
Despite the 1783 Treaty of Paris, the British government was reluctant to abandon its
lucrative fur trade and maintained a chain of northern frontier posts.
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John Adams, by John Singleton
Copley, 1783
When he entered Harvard College in
1751, Adams intended to prepare for
the ministry, but four absorbing years of
study excited him about other
intellectual and career possibilities: “I
was a mighty metaphysician, at least I
thought myself such.” Adams also tried
his hand at being a mighty scientist,
doctor, and orator. Upon graduation he
became a schoolmaster but soon
decided to take up the law.
Harvard College
Preparation for War to Defend Commerce: The Building of the Frigate
In 1803 this frigate ran onto the rocks near Tripoli harbor, and about 300 officers and
men were imprisoned by the Tripolitans. The ship was refloated for service against
the Americans, but Stephen Decatur led a party of men that set it afire.
New York Public Library
Thomas Jefferson at Natural
Bridge, by Caleb Boyle, c. 1801
A great statesman, he wrote his own
epitaph: “Here was buried Thomas
Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of
Independence, of the Statute of Virginia
for Religious Freedom, and father of the
University of Virginia.”
Lafayette College