Features of The Business Writer

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Transcript Features of The Business Writer

“In the
you don’t
write for a
write for a
Jim Franken
Ease of Use
• Self-contained
material in one- and
two-page spreads.
• Brief explanations,
bulleted lists, and
graphic organizers
present material
Quick-Reference Format
• Succinct guidelines
pages help students
analyze writing
• End-of-chapter
checklists help
students evaluate
what they’ve learned.
Annotated model documents
• Model introductions
describe the writer’s
audience, purpose,
and format.
• Annotations point out
key elements,
stylistic devices, and
writing strategies.
Seven Traits of Effective Writing
The seven traits of effective writing are discussed
throughout the book and exemplified in the
model documents:
– Strong Ideas
– Logical Organization
– Conversational Voice
– Clear Words
– Smooth Sentences
– Correct Copy
– Reader-Friendly Design
Using Technology for Research and
Chapter 2: Writing and Technology
Chapter 7: Conducting Research for
Business Writing
Chapter 36: Writing for the Web
More on technology…
Chapter 5: Using Graphics in Documents
(explains how to insert computer-created graphics into business
Chapter 6: Communicating Technical
Chapter 23: Writing E-mail and Sending
Exceptional ESL Coverage
Chapter 4: Writing for Diversity
(explains how to write for individuals from different
cultures or with limited English-language skills)
Chapter 50: Addressing ESL Issues
(offers ESL readers extra help with sentence structure,
word choice, grammar, and mechanics)
Supplements for Students
• The Business Writer
Web site
• The Student
Resource Center at
The Houghton Mifflin
Web site
(includes the Internet
Research Guide,
eLibrary, and
Supplements for Instructors
• Instructor’s Resource
• Instructor’s Resource
Center at the Houghton
Mifflin Web site
• Web CT e-pack
• BlackBoard Course