Parent Rocks

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Parent Rocks
Limestone  Marble
 High heat and pressure cause the calcite
in the limestone to recrystallize into larger
crystal structures
Shale  Slate
 Shale, which consists of clay minerals, is put under
pressure with temperatures of a few hundred degrees
or so. Then the clays begin to revert to the mica
minerals from which they formed to change to slate.
Granite  Gneiss
 Gneiss is a high grade
metamorphic rock, the product
of various rock types being
exposed to intense pressures
and heat under the surface of
the Earth.
 The gneiss has been
around longer, meaning that
it has more opportunity to be
Possible pathways for different parent
sedimentary and igneous rocks
Practice Questions
 What is the parent rock of marble?
 Shale is the parent rock of what?
 Granite is the parent rock of what?
What is a rock and why?
 Brick
 Pyrite
Mineral—fools gold
 Concrete
 Gneiss