Transcript Vocabulary

Earth Science
Inexhaustible resource
Resources that cannot be used completely.
This includes Solar Energy, Ocean Tides,
and Wind.
Nonrenewable resource
A resource that cannot be replaced in
nature. This includes metals and
Renewable resource
Natural resources that can be renewed or
replaced by nature. This includes food
crops and water.
Natural resource
Resources that are used by humans. This
includes minerals, water, fossil fuels, and
food sources.
The remains of any organism from the
Fossil Fuel
A resource that comes from the body of
dead organisms which lived millions of
years ago.
Sedimentary Rock
Rocks formed as
sediments are pushed
together or cemented
by the weight of the
water and layers of
sediment above it.
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Igneous Rock
Rocks formed from
cooled magma.
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Metamorphic Rock
A result from heat
and pressure applied
to sedimentary or
igneous rock
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A continuous process that repeats over
and over
Process by which wind, water, and gravity
leave eroded sediments in new locations.
When items are stacked on top of one
another, the layers on the bottom are
older than the layer on top.
An event that happens in a specific order
Hints of information that help someone
The outermost rocky layer of Earth
Plate Tectonics
Large plates that float on the mantle and
make up the Earth’s crust
Rock Cycle