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Our 50 States:
By: Diana Garcia and Andrew Tang
The capital of this state is Atlanta.
This state is in the Southeast region.
Symbols of Georgia
• The state bird is: Brown Thrasher
• The state flower is: Cherokee Rose
• The state tree is: Live Oak
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State Flag
• The flag of Georgia has 3 stripes consisting of redwhite-red. The 13 white stars encompassing the
states coat of arms in gold. The arch shows the
three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.
Natural Resources of Georgia
• Georgia is known for it’s peaches and peanuts,
wildlife, timber, minerals, rocks, forests, and the
round-tailed muskrat.
Capital Resources
Some capital resources of Georgia are their
Moroccan style Fox Theatre, coca-cola, and
their metals in the mountains.
Landforms of Georgia
Some landforms of Georgia are swamps, waterfalls,
mountains, forests, and rivers.
Climate of Georgia
In the Winter the climate is cold or just a little bit under
freezing, in Spring it’s around sixty degrees, in Summer
it’s seventy to eighty degrees, and it’s sixty degrees in
Places to Visit
One place I would recommend to visit in Georgia is
The World of Coca-cola because if you’re a lover of
coca-cola, you’re in luck. Another place I’d
recommend to visit is The Stone Mountain. It’s like a
mountain, but made of stone. It’s so cool!!!
Famous People
One of the people in our state is Diana Agron, a
famous actor. Another famous person in Georgia is
George T. Anderson, a civil war general.
Thanks for visiting the great state of…