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Intro to Cell Vocabulary
Your names (groups of 2):
The Review Assignment:
Using your notes and the internet fill in the following fields
 answer the following questions
 and find pictures using the internet.
 Some frames have no fill-ins, just a little
 Change backgrounds!!!!!!
Cells are the basic unit of all living
things…if it is alive it has cells. Some have
1 cell, they are called ________________.
Some have many cells , they are called
What are the 3 parts to the cell
What is the one exception (write and find a
Cell Differentiation
Differentiation is when cells GET A JOB. If
they don’t have a job they are called
“undifferentiated”. Another word for
getting a job is specialization.
I am a
heart cell!
I am a
skin cell
I’m a
Cell! 
Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic
Cut and paste a picture of each off the
internet. Label Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic.
What is is the main difference between
these two cells and give an example.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane holds the cell together and allows
nutrients in the cell, and wastes out.
The cell membrane is on the edge of a cell
The Cell Membrane is Semi-permeable, that
Cell Membrane Composition
(what it’s made of)
Search for a diagram of the cell membrane
and put it in the presentation. Label the
proteins, and lipid layers with arrows.
Would water go in or out of the cell? _____________ What is the
movement of water across the cell membrane called? ________
Label the movement of water with an arrow.
30% NaCl
70% Water
10% NaCl
90% H20
Cytoplasm is the watery gel (Jello!) inside
a cell….it’s goop! It holds the ORGANelles
 Cell Metabolism happens in the cytoplasm.
What is metabolism? _________________
Mitochondria is an ORGANelle that
releases energy from food. It is the
_________ House of the cell.
 Label O2 and Sugar going into the
mitochondria, and CO2 and ATP coming
The nucleus controls the cell
It contain DNA and a dark smaller organelle
called the Nucleolus. The nucleolus makes
_r_______________ which synthesis
proteins from a________ acids. .
Chromosomes are inside the nucleus and
are made of genes (DNA)
 Genes decide the cells traits and activities
(heart cell, eye cell (color))
Nuclear Membrane
The nuclear membrane allows substances
to pass in and out of the nucleus
 It surrounds the nucleus (the brain)
Vacuoles are spaces in the cytoplasm (gel) where food and
chemicals are stored. Copy and move the arrows to label ALL of the
vacuoles in the cells below.
Cell Wall
Cell Walls are only in plant cells. They are made of _________ose.
They make the cell strong and rigid
They are like a turtle’s shell (but only plants have them…that’s why
grass stands straight up!)
Drag the arrow and place on the cell wall.
Is the Cell Wall inside or outside
of the cell membrane?__________
Chloroplasts are only in plant cells (and are usually around the
outside edge)
They contain the pigment (color) __________, which helps to
synthesize energy/food from sunlight
What gas do plants release as a result of photosynthesis?
What’s the Difference?
So what are two things that Plant cells have that animal
cells don’t? What do they have in common???? Insert
text boxes…
Label as many parts in this plant cell diagram as you can
Label as many parts in this animal cell diagram as you can