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Schools & Communities Leading the Way
in Local Carbon Reduction
The aim of this current work focuses on carbon reduction in schools and communities, with the officer
working directly with schools, parent councils and community groups to link activities, helping to
develop a whole community response to climate change.
The project objectives include:
• Developing individual Energy Reduction Action Plans for schools;
• Identifying key carbon reduction projects with Parent Councils;
• Supporting local community interest groups by providing advice and
training sessions;
• Identifying and supporting key local projects which can be delivered
in partnership between schools, parent councils and wider groups.
Scottish Borders Council has been working with Marks and Spencer
for three years on an Eco-Schools programme, with M&S funding
supporting the employment of a dedicated staff resource. The current
phase of this work has allowed a full time post (Carbon Reduction
Officer for Communities & Schools) to be created for 2 years, using a
funding package comprising M&S, Council and LEADER funds.
The officer has been busy visiting schools along with Scottish
Borders Council’s Energy Officer, observing their energy practices
(both good and bad) and meeting with the Eco-committee to
explain the need for energy reduction and how they can play a
key role in reducing their schools carbon emissions. She has also
been meeting with established “green” community groups,
attending parent council chair forums and individual parent
council meetings. Other local community groups have also been
contacted to encourage the development of new local projects.
Community projects could involve energy efficiency, waste
minimisation, encouraging the production or use of local food
products, greener methods of transport or even renewable energy
Fiona Munro - Carbon Reduction Officer - Communities &
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0300 100 1800
Understanding of and action on good energy practices is increasing
across the Scottish Borders through school and community visits. It
has been found that in general the link does not seem to be readily
made in peoples mind between how climate change will affect us all
and the simple actions an individual can take to help minimise future
climate change.
It is hoped that by educating school eco-committees they can then
spread that knowledge to the rest of the school and positively alter the
schools culture.
Parent councils can act in a similar manner and help spread the
carbon reduction ethos out into the wider community, reaching those
who do not have direct contact with schools.
Kirkhope Primary School
The Carbon Reduction Officer will continue working with schools,
parent councils and community groups to develop joint community
working on carbon reduction.
Hopefully we will all then be able to reap the benefits of a low
carbon region with lower fuel bills, prosperous and supported local
businesses, a healthier environment to live in and a greater
community spirit.
Primary School,
classroom in
Yarrow Primary School Eco-committee with Head Teacher Mo
Brown on the left and Fiona Munro, Carbon Reduction Officer, on
the right.