What is the Cold War?

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Objective: The students will analyze the human and geographic factors that influences the
power to control territory and resources; and impact the political relations of sovereign nations.
Suggestions / Ideas:
•It appears that the COLD WAR will be a potential topic on the EOC assessment. This makes
no sense since students have never discussed this topic in school. None the less, it appears
to be part of the question bank for this year. Therefore, it should be addressed.
•The focus should be on geography as it relates to the cold war. You might expect maps or
quotes on the various topics from the war. Therefore the themes are more important than the
•Several video links have been supplied in this lesson that might be helpful in a short
summary. The more time you can devote to this topic the better, but clearly you will not have
time to do it justice. So a quick summary is more realistic. Many online videos are made by
students, that may or may not be helpful. A few United Streaming and Safari links have also
been provided that you may rather use. Please preview any video and decide which would
serve your goals the best.
•A video worksheet template has been provided to help students organize their thoughts and
guide them toward this specific objective.
•REMEMBER: There are several resources on specific topics of the cold war as well as
overall resources available on the 11th grade / Unit 4 of the curriculum planner. You are free
to download any of those activities and use all or part of them if you feel they would help.
Available Online Videos
Cold War Summary:
Cold War Summary:
Arms Race:
Korean War:
Feel free to use these or
other online videos, but as
always preview them for
your audience and be
aware that the amount of
biased videos on this topic
is endless. Finding an
unbiased video on this
topic is extremely difficult.
Vietnam War Lecture:
Safari Montage / Discovery Education
Part I - The Cold War Begins (ABC News) - Many Other
The Cold War
20th-Century History: 1945-1989: The Cold War
Ronald Reagan and the Cold War
What is the Cold War?
Name: ____________________
What is the title of this video?
Is there a narrator or is it just pictures and
Are they using primary sources at all? If so, what kinds?
So, basically, what are we talking about in this
Do you notice any geographic factors that would help the people mentioned
here control their territory, or add new territory?
So what things are people trying to do that will
allow them to control or maintain territory? Are
they trying to control more, protect their territory,
or help others protect their territory? What
method of control are they using? Explain.
Notes Box: Write down some topic that are covered in the video in this