Mr. Carr’s 11CP English Class

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Transcript Mr. Carr’s 11CP English Class

Mr. Carr’s
9CP/11CP/11DATAEnglish Class
[email protected]
I check my e-mails until 8:30 every
night-Phone 498-3676x1107
Paige Gonzales
• Student Teacher- CSUN
• [email protected]
• Please cc Mr. Carr on any e-mails
A Bit About Me
18th Year of teaching
13th Year at NPHS
Work with DATA Academy
Former Softball Coach
Clock Operator for Football Games/Announce
Boys basketball
• In my classroom at lunch and before school
every day if students need help
Important Info
• This will be the most intensive year of English
(11th grade)
• Homework up to five days a week
• Students can use notes on the test that they
take on their own
• Quizzes will be specifically on what is assigned
• Essays- All will be 800 words typed (9CP) and
1000 words typed (11CP/DATA)and turned
Literary Works-11thGrade
The Crucible- Term 1
Huck Finn- Term 1
Short Stories- Term 1
Catcher In The Rye- Term 2
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest-(DATA 1960’s
Music Project) Term 2
• Poetry- Term 2
Literary Works- 9th Grade CP
Short Stories- Term 1
“The Odyssey”- Term 1
Of Mice and Men- Term 1
Romeo and Juliet- Term 1
To Kill a Mockingbird- Term 2
The Princess Bride (time permitting)- Term 2
Poetry- Term 2
The Class
• Grading is on a percentage scale
• Late Work- 1 day for half credit, then will not
be accepted
• Absences- Get all makeup work immediately
as the clock is running when student returns
to school
• Truancy- Work will not be allowed to be made
Know the absence policy, as I stick to it strictly
Know the tardy policy as I stick to it strictly
If absent, check my website for the work
Make sure any absences and tardies that are
legitimate are cleared up
Under teacher login, click “find teacher”
darrin carr
An icon with my name will pop up and click on
it and you will be at the site
Website Contents
• 9th and 11th Grade Pages- this is where all of
the power points and handouts will be
• Calendar- You can check what we did in class
today and the daily homework
• Research Paper- all of the information for the
project is there (11th Grade)
11th Grade Research Paper
• Literary Criticism
• Student will read an outside book from the list
on my website
• They will answer questions in depth about the
book, as well as summarize it
• Then, they will look at the novel from a
different perspective and back it up with
examples from their novel and outside
9th Grade Research Paper
• Report of Information
• Based on issues from To Kill a Mockingbird
• Students will learn process and the correct
researching techniques
• All classes will be using it for plagiarism check,
grading essays and research papers and for
class discussions
• For essays, students will submit directly to and not turn it a hard copy
• For discussions, students will have to respond
to one of my prompts or comment on what
another student says about the topics we will
be discussing in the novel.
• Parents- Check Zangle- It will be current by the
end of the weekend and updated at least weekly
• If you have an issue- contact me immediatelyemail is best
• If your student has a question, ask! During class
or e-mail is best
• I am very approachable to discuss a grade or
assignment- I highly encourage your child to
advocate for themselves!