Adjectives and Adverbs

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What is an adjective?
• Adjectives are words that describe nouns or
pronouns. They may come before the word
they describe (That is a cute puppy.) or they
may follow the word they describe (That
puppy is cute.)
• Adjectives modify nouns or pronouns.
To modify means to change in some way.
Questions Adjectives Answer
• Which one?
• What kind?
• How many?
What kind?
"I ate a meal." Meal is a noun. We don't
know what kind of meal; all we know is that
someone ate a meal.
"I ate an enormous lunch." Lunch is a
noun, and enormous is an adjective that
modifies it. It tells us what kind of meal the
person ate.
Which one?
• "The tall girl is riding a new bike." Tall tells us
which girl we're talking about.
How many?
• "Fifteen students passed the midterm exam;
twelve students passed the final exam."
Fifteen and twelve both tell us how many
students passed.
What is an adverb?
• Adverbs are words that modify adjectives,
verbs, and other adverbs.
• The easiest adverbs to recognize are those
that end in -ly. Some adjectives end with -ly
also but remember that adjectives can modify
only nouns and pronouns.
Questions Adverbs Answer
• When? (now, later, yesterday)
• Where?
(there, up, ahead)
• Why? (now, later, soon)
• How? (suddenly, carefully, sadly)
• To what extent?
(completely, totally, fully)
• Under what condition? (absolutely, amiably, irrationally)
The most common question that adverbs
answer is how.
• "She sang beautifully." Beautifully is an adverb
that modifies sang. It tells us how she sang.
• "That woman is extremely nice." Nice is an
adjective that modifies the noun woman.
Extremely is an adverb that modifies nice; it tells
us how nice she is. How nice is she? She's
extremely nice.
– Explorers eagerly chase adventure.
• Eagerly is an adverb because it is modifying the
verb, chase.
– Some explorers visit amazingly beautiful places.
• Amazingly is an adverb because it is modifying
the adjective, beautiful.
– Others quite bravely explore the unknown- space.
• Quite is an adverb because it is modifying the
adverb, bravely, which is modifying the verb