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Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other
They answer the questions:
Where? When? How? To what extent?
Adverbs are often formed by adding –ly to an
Example: go there left late
nearly complete
speak softly
Underline the adverb in each sentence. Circle the word(s) that
each adverb modifies. Note: Don’t forget to circle auxiliary verbs
if the adverb modifies a verb phrase.
1. You can rarely get tickets for this horse
2. Vivi mounts her horse cheerfully.
3. The horse trots briskly around the ring.
Provide appropriate adverbs to fill the blanks in
the following sentences.
1. Medieval castles have _____________
fascinated me.
2. You must breathe more _____________
at this altitude.
3. My ears and nose became
_____________ cold as we waited for
the bus.
Identify the underlined word by writing above it ADV
for adverb or ADJ for adjective. Then, underline twice
the word that it is modifying.
1. The ghastly rodent frightened us.
2. The loud train whistle made the baby
3. The dog barked loudly at the cat.
Underline the word that each boldfaced adverb is
1. The speaker was somewhat annoyed
that the microphone wasn’t working
2. The rock band arrived at the concert
late and went right on stage.
3. The wind blew surprisingly strongly all
Underline each adverb once and the word or words it
modifies twice in each of the following sentences.
1. The city often holds concerts in the
2. The current here is too dangerous for
3. The wind was bitterly cold during the
month of December.