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Facts and History
China’s location
The country China is in Asia. The most well
known seas around China are The Yellow Sea,
East China Sea, and the South China Sea. These
seas are all part of the Pacific Ocean. Mongolia is
the country to the North, Vietnam and Thailand are
to the South, India is to the West while Korea is
neighbor to the East.
The national language in China is of course
Phrase: ling ren yukuai de
Translates to: They had a good time.
Other languages spoken in China are
Manchurian, Mongolian, Uyghur, Tibetan, Yi,
Zuang and many other minor languages.
3 unique Celebrations
1) A very unique custom in China is the Dragon
Boat festival. This takes place on a lake where
Chu Yuan drowned himself trying to protest
against a tyrant emperor. The Chinese throw in
rice as a gift to Mr. Yuan.
2) Another festival is the knife pole festival. Trained
warriors and acrobats climb a 20 meter pole
with knives inserted along the way up.
Thousands of people travel to see this event.
3 unique Celebrations
3) The moon festival is every full moon and
young couples can watch the full moon and
eat cake and drink wine. The party lasts until
the sun comes up. This is a fairly new
tradition. It is about 2 centuries old.
Historical events
The eight powered allied forces sent by Britan,
USA, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, and
Australia tried to stop anti- imperialist
movement. They invaded China and forced
them to sign the International protocol with
11 other countries. This turned China into a
semi colonial country.
Historical events
China during the Yuan Dynasty was under
Mongolian rule and the influences of Tibetan
Lamaism it was during the Mongol Dynasty
that the Buddhist-Taoist Controversy was
bought before Mangu Khan in 1255. The
acrimonious debate, which had started over a
1000 years before was finally concluded by
the Buddhists favour by an edict of Kublai
Khan in 1281.
Historical events
The Great Wall of China began construction
during the 3 B.C.. It started to begin building
in the rule of Shih Huang-Ti. It was designed as
a protective barricade against invasion.
The Chinese Flag
The red back round on the Chinese flag
symbolizes the blood of the heroes who died
during war serving their country. The yellow color
symbolizes the glorious history and culture. The
larger star symbolizes the leadership of the
Chinese Communist Party. Then on the other
hand the four little stars around the big star
symbolizes the four classes of Chinese. The
Workers, Peasants, Petty Bhourgeoisie and the
National Bhourgeoisie.
Major resources
Some of Chinas major resources are coal, iron
ore, petroleum, natural gas, mercury, tin,
tungsten, antimony, manganese, magnetite,
lead, zinc, uranium, and hydro power
potential. Most large countries depend
heavily on their natural resources. China uses
raw materials to make cars, high rises,
appliances, etc.
3 places I would like to visit
I) I would like to visit the Great Wall of China to see
both sides of the Great Wall and the beautiful
views on both sides of it. But I surely will not walk
across the whole of it because it is over 10
kilometers long!
2) When I visit China I will make sure that going to
the Sever Star Park will be on the top of my list of
things to do. I would like to see the cute and
cuddly Giant Pandas in their National Reserve.
3 places I would like to visit
Splash! I was just imagining myself jumping into
the beautiful West Lake in China. This
particular lake used to be the center of one of
the major cities. It is now a beautiful scenic
tourist attraction!
Smoking is a very well known and common
tradition in China. What better way to get a
job interview than to offer the manager a
cigarette? I know we don’t do that in the
U.S.A. but in China it is very customary.
This is a literal smoking jacket.
Yes I’m not mistaken the Chinese
people take smoking very
This may look expensive but it’s really not. This
is a regular day to day well, sweatshirt to the
(I used this for almost everything)