Watching and Understanding Commercials

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Transcript Watching and Understanding Commercials

Pre-Intermediate Listening, Speaking and Grammar
Anna Bartosik
It will improve my
listening skills
It can be a fun way to
learn new words and
Watching and
listening at the same
time help you build on
knowledge you
already have
Your teacher can use
commercials to
introduce interesting
conversation topics
Your teacher wants to
have some fun in the
classroom, too!
What is the mood or the tone of the commercial?
Where does the commercial take place? Where
are they in the commercial?
Who is the target audience for this commercial?
What is the product or service that the commercial
is trying to sell?
What message is this commercial sending the
Is the commercial effective? Why or why not?
In groups of 3, please discuss the following questions:
How does music affect your mood when you watch
When you were a child, did you like to dress up as different
characters? Did you want to be a good guy or a bad guy?
Did you ever wish that you had special powers?
Why do children often want to dress up as villains?
Did your parents encourage or discourage your makebelieve play?
What do you know about the Star Wars movies?
Have you seen any of the movies?
What do you know about Darth Vader? Do you know if he
is a villain or a hero? Ask me if you are unsure.
Passat Darth
Who is the target
audience for this
Why did they choose
this boy with his
parents to sell a car?
Why is Darth Vader a
good or a bad choice
as a character for the
What is Volkswagen’s
This Volkswagen commercial managed
to convey a message without words.
For homework, please search YouTube
for English language commercials.
Please look for commercials that contain
conversation or a narrator. Come to
class with links to three commercials.
You will have a chance to discuss them
with your classmates.
May The Force be with you!