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Healthy Eating…Fast
Drs Matthew and Michelle Mix
Fast Food
Researchers said findings suggest that fast food, as
it is presently consumed, cannot be considered part
of a healthy lifestyle. The huge portion sizes and
high-caloric density of most fast foods were likely
the primary cause of the obesity link, they said.
One obesity expert commented that, although the
study's conclusions are likely true, fast food
restaurants are simply responding to society's
desire for quick, inexpensive food. He said
informing consumers on food quality and the health
effects of fast food is one of the key improvements
that needs to be made.
Lancet January 1, 2005;365(9453):36-42
New Paradigm
Food is the energy for our body.
We are given one body.
If you owned a Rolls Royce,
would you put “Major Brand
Gas” in it?
Thirst is often mistaken for
Most Americans have never
been hungry.
Cook in Large Batches
Cooking large batches will assure
that you have some left over for the
next day. Almost anything you make
can be stored (in glass containers)
overnight and eaten as another meal
the next day.
Leftovers from dinner can even be
eaten for breakfast and in fact are
likely to be a healthier choice than
the typical American breakfast of
cereal, toast, pancakes, bagels or
Eat at Least One-Third of Your
Food Raw
There are valuable and sensitive micronutrients that
are damaged when you heat foods. Cooking and
processing food can destroy these micronutrients by
altering their shape and chemical composition.
Regular vegetable juicing will easily help you reach
this goal of one-third raw food in your diet but you
may need to set aside some time to juice regularly.
However, there are plenty of foods that can be
eaten raw while on the go and that save you the
time of cooking. Raw vegetables, raw seeds, raw
nuts and raw dairy all fit into this category.
You can also eat raw eggs. Raw, whole, organic
eggs are a phenomenally inexpensive and
incredible source of high-quality nutrients that many
of us are deficient in, especially high-quality protein
and fat. They are also one of the quickest foods to
eat if you are short on time.
Prepare Your Lunch the
Night Before
Morning can be a very hectic time of day
and one way to cut down on things to do in
the morning is to prepare your lunch the
night before. This will also reduce the risk
that you will neglect to prepare a lunch
altogether and then decide to pick up some
unhealthy junk food later in the day. It is
much easier to eat healthy if you can grab
your ready-made lunch from the
refrigerator as you head out the door.
Eat Only When You’re Hungry
The worst thing you can do is to go out and grab some
fast food and eat it simply because it’s time for lunch.
Chances are your body can use the break from digestion
and the junk food you would be tempted to get while on
the run will only make you tired and sluggish.
In fact, occasional fasting is a healthy practice for most
people. Simply tell yourself you are making a choice to
improve your health and live longer.
Be careful not to get carried away with this practice, such
as skipping breakfast everyday, as studies have found
that people who skip breakfast are over four times as
likely to be obese than people who eat something in the
morning. If you’re looking to save time in the morning or
for another meal, but don’t want to go without eating, opt
for a quick superfood drink like a smoothie. This will give
you almost all of the daily nutrients your body needs and
is a much better alternative to any fast food.
-Dr. Joseph Mercola
Include the Most Nutritious
Foods You Can
When you’re looking to save time, one strategy you
may use is to combine two things into one, or "kill
two birds with one stone," if you will. This mentality
can be applied to many areas of your life and one of
them is eating. If you think of food as serving a
purpose--to give you the maximum amount of
healthy nutrition possible--and then cater your food
choices to that purpose, you will save time.
Only eat the most healthy, most high-quality foods
around and don’t waste your time with inferior junk
foods. Here is a list of Five Foods That Will Give
You the Most Health "Bang" for Your Buck to get
you started.
5 Most Nutritious Foods
Fish oil
Organic, Raw Vegetables
Raw Eggs
Raw Milk
Healthy Organic Meat
Food for you to try
Easy Substitutions
White bread
White pasta
Cow’s Milk
Stone ground
Whole Grain
Stevia/ Local Honey
Almond Milk
Rethink Your Priorities
If you are healthy it is easy to take your body for granted.
Those who are sick, though, realize just how important
their health is. But you don’t want to wait until your health
goes away to realize that it is one of the most, if not the
most, important aspects of life.
If your car breaks down, you can have it fixed. If a
relationship fails, there are almost always more to come,
but if your body breaks down you will have a hard time
experiencing life as most would like. This is why nutrition
and health should be a top priority in your life.
You must protect your body as you would any valuable
possession, but the way to protect it isn’t with insurance
or a lock and key. You must protect it by being proactive.
Prevent the disease before they begin, fortify your body
with nutrients, exercise to keep strong, and of course get
adjusted regularly. If you feel you don’t have time for this
sort of effort, then you may want to consider rethinking
your priorities.
At what point is it o.k. to have
nerve interference?
Nervous System controls every
function of every cell, tissue and
organ in your body.
Chiropractors remove the
interference in your Nervous
The foods you eat are a major
cause of interference today.
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